by carolpountney 28 Feb 2012

Well still cant believe it, today is our 45 wedding anniversary, it seems like only a short time ago when we first met, how time as flown,have three beautiful daughters and 5 grandchildren to show for all our hard work and love


by bumblebee 02 Mar 2012


by cfidl 01 Mar 2012

Congratulations Carol! 45 years is an amazing lifetime! You are so blessed! Thanks for sharing! christine Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by wp1012 29 Feb 2012


by parkermom 29 Feb 2012

Congratulations !! What an accomplishment of ups and downs and comittment! My husband and I are coming up on our 30th next week and I can't believe all the good and bad that we've endured together. I wouldn't want it any other way, and I hope that your time together is wonderful.

by kathyjt 29 Feb 2012

Happy Anniversary.

by gerryvb 29 Feb 2012

congratulations !!!

by judybell 29 Feb 2012

Happy Anniversary. Pray you will have many more years together. Hugs, Judy

by capoodle 28 Feb 2012

Congratulations on 45 Happy Years Together!

by sadp 28 Feb 2012

Happy Anniversary to you, S*

by hightechgrammy 28 Feb 2012

Congratulations! It does take a lot of hard work, doesn't it! But it's worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears :-) I'm so happy for you. You have a love that endures. Hugs, Jan

by eyeztodiefor10 28 Feb 2012

Congratulations! Wow! That's a long time. You are both lucky to have each other and for so many years! Not many can say that these days. My best to you and hubby!

by grandmamek 28 Feb 2012

Congratulations and happy anniversary. May you enjoy many more years together. Hugs, Mary

by mary51 28 Feb 2012

Happy Anniversary!

by devon 28 Feb 2012

Happy Anniversary to you!!!!

by jrob Moderator 28 Feb 2012

Congratulations! I just read that the secret to a long marriage is for 2 GOOD forgivers to get married. It works for us, married 42 years.;)

by darenluan 28 Feb 2012

Congratulations, Love for ever!

by bokkieborduur 28 Feb 2012

Congrats with anniversary. 45 Years is a long time for being together and it feels like yesterday when you met him. Hugs Marie

by airyfairy 28 Feb 2012

A very happy anniversary to you. May you have many more. Sarah.

by shirlener88 28 Feb 2012

CONGRATULATIONS - that is a wonderful outcome for all those years together and if you still feel like you just met - that makes it even better - you have a nice legacy with the 3 daughters and 5 grands.

by ansalu 28 Feb 2012

Congratulation to your anniversary!
That is really a long time and you can be very lucky that it feels like a short one. I'm 45 years old... ;o)
Greetings, Bettina