by fannyfurkin 25 Feb 2012

This really frustrates me. I have occasionally recieved emails from people that are having problems on my site. I then email them back asking for more info so that I can help sort out the problem. A period of time will go by and I will recieve another, understandably angry email saying that I did not answer their message. So I then figure that my emails must be being blocked by their email server. So I then try and send it from all of my email addresses to try to get the email through. No response. So I have people thinking that I am very rude for not answering them but infact I am going to great lengths to try to answer them. This is very frustrating. What else can one do to try and get emails through to people?


by susiesembroidery 26 Feb 2012

All this computer stuff is beyond me - since I had to learn everything the hard way, by myself, I hardly know all the tricks and methods to doing some things. So, good luck to those people who are not getting your messages in finding a way to uncode ???? their spam folders. Just about greek to me. LOL Have nice day.***

by cfidl 26 Feb 2012

I know I figured out what I did wrong, so when I received your email. It was funny cause the next day someone else did the same thing I did. Go figure! When I saw your email response I did not need it anymore. Hope she solved her own issue.

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Feb 2012

Alice you have kindly given me information when I askd for it. Though I think I was not particularly clear as to my problem. You are not offering a embroidery agony anunt service. I think Meganne has given you a good suggestion. Keep up the great embroidery designs you are producing

by sewmom 25 Feb 2012

On our site we had to put a notification up and we put it in a bright yellow box so it would be noticed by everyone. You could do that in the area where people go to contact you. Message would be the suggestion by meganne.

by caroldann 25 Feb 2012

Alice, is there an area at your site where you can tell them if they don't hear from you within a certain amount of time to check with their server as your emails to them are being blocked? I don't think there is anything else you can do. It's on their end. Hugs..Carol

by meganne 25 Feb 2012

Post a very large message on your site to remind anyone contacting you, that you normally reply within 48 hours, so if they don't receive an email from you within that time they should check their spam folders or add your emad to their address book/contact list, which will allow it to go through.

Some people have their incoming email preferences set to text (instead of HTML), which means if you have any URL's in the message that you send, that message will be blocked regardless of anything you do.

I hope this helps. hugs n roses, Meg

PS, YDS has prevented me from recalling your real name, it will probably come to me after my nap. LOL!!!!!

meganne by meganne 25 Feb 2012

The other posts weren't there when I started writing, Sorry "Alice" :-)

caroldann by caroldann 25 Feb 2012

Wow, I think we were all answering at the same time. When I started there were no other posts. Hugs..Carol

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 25 Feb 2012

That is ok Meg, I know that your memory has been patchy lately. I am reluctant to post the email address on my site because the little spam robots crawl the web and find email addresses to send spam to. I did this once before and I was getting 100's of spam emails a day. I have now suggested facebook as another contact method although not everyone is on facebook I can't think of any other way.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 25 Feb 2012

Alice, as a web designer, something you can do is create an email jpg that has your email on it, but it can't be "read" by spam robots. You can make that a link that automatically links to their own email system to send you an email. Some people can have their mail screened to put a certain subject in a particular folder in your mail file. Maybe that would help. I'll check your site to see how it is set up to see if I have any security suggestions, if that's okay. Jan

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 25 Feb 2012

set their email so it places preset messages into a particular folder so you will get it. If you'd like I can look at your site to see if I can give you any security suggestions...... Jan

sewmom by sewmom 25 Feb 2012

Jpg email, good idea,you can also spell out dot con or put spaces between all the letters

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 26 Feb 2012

Sewmom, that is another good way to prevent spam robots :-)

by mooie24 25 Feb 2012

this is indeed very frustrating.. I had to resort to printing out a copy of an email I had sent and posting this to them.. with a cover note explaning why perhaps our emails were not reaching them, the lady did then respond very apologetic as the fault was hers.
big hugs from London
maria xx

by basketkase 25 Feb 2012

That is rude of them, Alice, but can imagine how frustrating it is as a business owner!

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 25 Feb 2012

Vicki, I don't think they are being rude, I think they genuinely believe that I am not answering them.

by greysewist Moderator 25 Feb 2012

That would indeed be frustrating, Alice. Maybe you could put a message someplace on your site, suggesting they check their junk email folder if they've not had a response from you. Best of luck with sorting them out.

devon by devon 25 Feb 2012


hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 25 Feb 2012

That really is a great idea...

sewmom by sewmom 25 Feb 2012

Good idea. I've seen messages for people on the yahoo groups for the same reasons