by mooie24 25 Feb 2012

OT - Olympics 2012.. when London was granted the games we as a family were so excited. right on our doorstop how fabulous.

we have been charged through our local council tax towards building the venues.. yet as local people we cannot purchase tickets I tried and failed, my son is in the british gymnastics squad, cannot get tickets through them either. then today at work ( fords motor co.) I learn they have loaned our car park to the games, therefore we cannot park our cars during the games.. also our land is being used for the rehearsal of the opening and closing ceramonies so not just 2 weeks of not being able to park at work, my enthusiam for the games is now falling low..our kids are only allowed to do non competitve sports at junior school so I dont know where they will find any future british talent anyway..
thats my vent over lol
big hugs - fron London - Maria xx


by mooie24 07 Mar 2012

yer because all the corporate people wont turn up lol

by asterixsew Moderator 29 Feb 2012

Its just being said on Radio 4 that we will be able to queue for tickets in London in the summer

by bevgrift 27 Feb 2012

Shame! I hope things smooth out, and you get your tickets.
We in SA survived the World Cup Soccer and could only watch on the telly.
Hugs Bev

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mooie24 by mooie24 29 Feb 2012

That will be us too.. lol
Big hugs from London, best place near the kettle and my machines lol
Maria xx

by ansalu 27 Feb 2012

Now I understand why the prices for a trip to London get higher and higher the closer you come to the summer. Was looking with Anna for a short weekendtrip in May (just friday until sunday) and now it's getting clearer why the prices rise up :o(
Maybe we should change our destination and come to London after the games...
Greetings, Bettina

asterixsew by asterixsew 27 Feb 2012

Sounds like a great idea. Just let us know when you plan to come and maybe some UK Cuties can come up with reasons to visit London at the same time

ansalu by ansalu 28 Feb 2012

Yes I will. Thank you :o)
Forgot also that the Queen has her Diamond Jubilee and that will bring even more traffic to London.
Greetings, Bettina

mooie24 by mooie24 29 Feb 2012

Diamond Jubilee in early June, but there are celebrations all year to mark this anniversary :-0
Big hugs - Maria xx

by almag 26 Feb 2012

More 'behind-the-scenes' misery for the locals!!
We never really know the nitty-gritty of getting a city ready for the Olympics.
I think it's disgraceful that immediate families cannot watch their members compete after all the years of family commitment to their training.
Even if you did get tickets you'd probably be offered tickets to the lesser events of little interest to you as being 'the only ones available'.
Remember the Chinese people who were 'relocated' in Beijing to make way for the city cleanup and building for the Olympics? I often wonder how they got on.

I do hope that maybe at the 11th Hour something good happens for you.

by mooie24 26 Feb 2012

Ticket purchase is by a ballot system so they say..
yet they wont state how many tickets are available to the general public and how many went to corporate until after the games.. sounds fishy to me !!

by 02kar Moderator 26 Feb 2012

I think cfidl has a great idea to rent out your house (high price for rent) and you leave town. Best wishes for whatever you decide.

by cfidl 26 Feb 2012

Sounds like it some like me might leave town during the chaos. Rent out your house to visitors and go on vacation. I will enjoy the games on TV and I also check out the city with google earth. My favorite was Van Couver! I'm sure I will see beautiful sites during that 2 weeks. Good Luck.. when are the games? wondering about the children's restrictions.

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ansalu by ansalu 27 Feb 2012

Olympic Games 27 July-12 Aug 2012
Paralympic Games 29 Aug-9 Sept 2012
Found it here: (hope this is the right date)
Greetings, Bettina

by capoodle 25 Feb 2012

Your right you should not be denied the purchase of tickets just because it is in your city. If that's what they have stated maybe a relative can purchase you tickets if they live in an area where they can obtain tickets. It's just dreadful to be so inconvenienced.