by starlizard 25 Feb 2012

Does anyone else find this situation? See areas inside of pink outline boxes.

Unfortunately, I see this quite a bit... especially with freebie designs from various sources. So this isn't a localized issue.

The screen capture was taken of a design in realistic view.

At first blush, I thought, "Okay, maybe its the format that I downloaded." (My Singer Futura can read most of the major brand formats.)But, after trying other formats, it didn't seem to make a difference.

Some of you are probably thinking: "Who cares? Its a freebie!"

Well it does matter. If I'm going to use up my monthly allowance of bandwidth from our ISP, I want it to NOT be a waste. I used up some of my bandwidth just posting the image. It goes both ways... download and upload.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I only get just so much bandwidth every month... its not unlimited.

So I guess this a 2-part question.
1. Does anyone else notice the digitizing errors?
2. Does anyone else have bandwidth issues?

Looking forward to Spring,


by bevgrift 27 Feb 2012

Hi, if i had stitched out a design like this and it had a few holey places I would fix it with a few hand stitches or some free motion.
Then I would be sure to delete the design from my computer.
I also watch the designs stitch out in simulator.Sometimes the design is good enough but jumps are annoying and I have stitched them anyway.
I use my P-E design to move or delete/add points. I love the sissors and cut designs up so I can create more colour changes.
As for Internet, We have IBURST and they are not so expensive and we get 10gig plus Bonus 10gigs, which carries over and I am having such a fun time 'Surfing'.I google everthing "how to speed clean my house" was what I googled. So I could spend more time on DBC. :)

starlizard by starlizard 27 Feb 2012

Thanks for responding! We get our internet, television, and telephone services from the regional cable company as a package deal. We had to increase our bandwidth because we kept going over our 80 gig limit. We now have a 170 gig limit.

starlizard by starlizard 27 Feb 2012

... And we have been pushing that limit this month for some strange reason. Its got to be my husband's fault. LOL!

danababes by danababes 27 Feb 2012

Wow that's one huge limit. Mine is 6 gig per 3 months (or whenever I use it all up if sooner).

by justonlyme 25 Feb 2012

With regard to the stitches, I always thought that I messed it up somehow. Never thought of the digitizing being THAT bad.
With the internet, I have unlimited download and upload. I can also use my cell phone as a portable wi-fi hotspot and can get unlimited internet that way as long as it isn't roaming.

by shirlener88 25 Feb 2012

WOW, how awful. I have no answers.

by danababes 25 Feb 2012

I feel your pain with the broadband as mine is measured both upload and download and not unlimited either. When I run out I can't connect to the net until I pay for more. Sadly I'm in rural Oz so for the moment there is only one provider. Hopefully in the next year or so the other two choices should be available and at much better rates. :) xXx

by meganne 25 Feb 2012

The (Probable) reason for this is because at those points in the outline, the satin stitch is far too wide for most machines to stitch out.
Martine (mops) has given the rest of reason this happens.

And yes, "SOME" freebies you do only get what you pay for!!!
hugs n roses, Meganne

starlizard by starlizard 25 Feb 2012

Oh I hear you, Meganne... but its really nice to know that the freebie designs in DBC are way above average in quality. Its one of the best features of Cute Emb. Second only to the camaraderie of the members. Of course the designs that Miss Veronika offer is the gold standard that is beyond reproach.

starlizard by starlizard 25 Feb 2012

... is the gold standard that is beyond reproach.

by marcellelewis 25 Feb 2012

Problems like the one shown in your photo can occur when converting to some formats. PES format is notorious for doing just that.

What format did you download?


starlizard by starlizard 25 Feb 2012

When I started out with the Futura and its ability to read most formats, I decided to pick one and stick with it as much as possible. I usually chose the HUS format even above the Singer/Compucon format 'XXX'.

starlizard by starlizard 25 Feb 2012

But, to be honest, I'm not sure what the original format was on this one. After I convert freebies, I delete the original format and then dump the recycling bin.

marcellelewis by marcellelewis 26 Feb 2012

If you remember where you got the file you might try downloading the design in DST format. DST is the most basic of the formats and usually converts very well.


marcellelewis by marcellelewis 26 Feb 2012

No internet problems for me either. I must have unlimited everything because I pay one price and use it all I want. Sometimes have 3 computers connected through one router on my DSL line plus my phone is always connected to webmail. I see that I need to appreciate my internet a lot more. Marcelle

marcellelewis by marcellelewis 26 Feb 2012

to appreciate my internet a lot more. Marcelle

by lyns 25 Feb 2012

I'm sorry to say I find this or similar issues with a lot of "freebies". I am now very picky with freebies and always run the stitch simulator before saving them. Mind you, a few yucky ones still slip through and it is very frustrating. Yes, I know I should always do a test emb. before hand but who has the time, thread, etc. xx

justonlyme by justonlyme 25 Feb 2012

What is a stitch simulator and where do you get it? The only way I can tell is to put it on my machine and see the results. Not very accurate, is it??

mops by mops 26 Feb 2012

A stitch simulator is part of embroidery software. It gives an impression of an actual stitch-out and set at a slow speed makes you aware of many a mistake, both in your own digitising (save a lot of test stitching before the final one) or on downloaded and bought designs.

moyed by moyed 26 Feb 2012

You can download a free 30 day trial of sewwhatpro
It has a viewing window so you can see the design as it stitches. Not a digitising program but more an editing one. Very helpful also for changing colours size and formats.hugs Helen

by mops Moderator 25 Feb 2012

1. I think the reason this happens is because a fill stitch is used with a set angle (0 or 180 degrees in this case). It would have been OK if a satin stitch which stitches at right angles to the direction of the line would have been used. Poor digitising!!

2. No, I have no bandwidth problems.

starlizard by starlizard 25 Feb 2012

Fill and satin stitches... Yeah, that was another issue I had with the design... part of it was fill, but the most of it was satin stitch. Little to no continuity in designs have been a source of irritation with me, also.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 25 Feb 2012

Great to see you Martine!

by caroldann 25 Feb 2012

Ok Liz, I"ll go first. 1..I do not download freebies because of that reason.I have wasted so much time when I first started embroidery about 6 years ago. I had to go and delete so many because of that issue. I do dl from dbc every once in awhile but have never had a problem. 2. I have high speed internet so don't have the problem you may have. I know that probably didn't help much. Hugs..Carol

starlizard by starlizard 25 Feb 2012

I have high speed internet, too, Carol... but I still have a limited amount of bandwidth. Yes, I've cut back on the freebie snags myself. DBC is about the only place where I indulge except for Embroidery Library.

caroldann by caroldann 25 Feb 2012

Ok, I have unlimited. Never, never a problem with Embroidery Library. I am addicted to them. Working on a project now with one of their designs.

by basketkase 25 Feb 2012

Boy, I sure fact I even have purchased some and they have had some issues, fortunately being a digitizer, I can fix them, unfortuntely most aren't and can't. I try really hard to avoid this issue by bringing my designs in close like this to make sure there are not any voids. This sometimes happens too when a small design is enlarged and the stitches are then thinned in some areas, this is the effect you can get. Vicki

starlizard by starlizard 25 Feb 2012

Thanks for responding, Vicki. I haven't bought any designs like this, thank heavens; but I have bought designs where there was a glaring lack of proper sequencing and therefore had jump stitches all over the design when there didn't need to be.

starlizard by starlizard 25 Feb 2012

By the way, reducing the size of this design didn't help with closing up the gaps.

jeano63 by jeano63 27 Feb 2012

From what I know about digitizing, reducing the size of the design wouldn't close the gaps unless you did it in the working file of the design - the one native to the digitizing program. At least that is the way it works with Embird. The 'thickness' of the design is chosen when you are digitizing the design and if you choose a satin stitch that is too wide, what your picture shows will happen. To try to edit the design probably wouldn't be worth the effort.