by mel08 23 Feb 2012

Great video using Bernina's software! Enjoy.


by lidiad 23 Feb 2012

Thank you for this link. I don't have a Bernina machine but I have watched the video, it's very interesting. Also, I have found videos for the Husqvarna machine which I have, and saved the link in my favorites. Thank you again. Hugs, Lidia

by sewdoctor 23 Feb 2012

Thanks for posting!

by mops Moderator 23 Feb 2012

I saw this video months ago and loved the effect. I had been thinking of buying the software as I wanted to be able to convert designs to the .art format, and seeing this I almost did - then I saw the price.

sewdoctor by sewdoctor 23 Feb 2012

That is the rub! LOL

mel08 by mel08 23 Feb 2012

The price on the various software packages is very high!

basketkase by basketkase 23 Feb 2012

That's why I intend to use every feature I can learn.....after spending that amount of money!!!!!!!

bowlds by bowlds 23 Feb 2012

And you should!

nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 23 Feb 2012

Do it! You're a great digitizer and we need more that digitize in .art!

by sandyqueen 23 Feb 2012

Many Bernina Digitizing clips on You tube. Just enter Bernina Digitizing. Other software there also so just type software name and digitizing. Amazing what you can learn when you search.


1 comment
mel08 by mel08 23 Feb 2012

Isn't the internet great!

by basketkase 23 Feb 2012

I am so happy you all get to see how fun it is to create this stitch!! Anyone who has this software should learn it.....

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mel08 by mel08 23 Feb 2012

I am glad you have mastered it. I have the Floriani Total Control Professional and am just ramping up the skill set. I will have to see if they have a similar option in their software. I love your flowers!

by susiesembroidery 23 Feb 2012

Thank you very much.