by starlizard 23 Feb 2012

New info regarding the Janome MC12000.

Well, I finally broke down and called my sewing/embroidery machine guru and asked flat out how much they were. All my hopes were dashed to the tune of $8,000 and close to $10,000 with tax. Yep, I'll have to win the lottery for that one.

Sad in Canada,


by blueeyedblonde 25 Feb 2012

I'm in Alberta and I was invited to the launch of the MC12000 (I have the MC11000SE) and the dealer put an awesome deal together for anyone who attended and also gave 5 days to take advantage of it. The machine, a fold out cabinet (it sells for $1600 by itself), chair, the new program MBX(with a cd tutorial by Trevor Conquorgood) - and it was all for $8995.00 CDN. I've been in his store since and it sells for $8995 just for the machine, so those who were able to purchase it got an excellent deal.

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blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 25 Feb 2012

plus tax, of course.

by toolips 24 Feb 2012

well that's a deal because I just inquired today & it was $9995. plus tax!

by raels011 23 Feb 2012

Aussie price is $11,999 looking for a cheaper price

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shirley124 by shirley124 25 Feb 2012

It's a lot of money for a machine. I hear they incluce a extra bobbin case so you can use generic thread for embroidey as the main one will only be suitable for Janome bobbin thread.

by smithandsmith 23 Feb 2012

Hi Liz, i live in Ontario Canada and i found my machine on a for sale website. Lots of great buys. Just keep looking and you'll find one
hugs Lee

noah by noah 23 Feb 2012

I look there to Lee hugs carolyn

starlizard by starlizard 23 Feb 2012

Hi Lee... I plundered Kijiji and the best I could find was the MC11000. The 12000 is still new right now. I live in the Niagara region of southern Ontario.

by bonnetgirl 23 Feb 2012

Wow that is expensive.

by bevintex 23 Feb 2012

Being just hobbyist and crafter i could never justify the cost of a machine like this. I'll have to be happy with what I can live with and afford.

by moyed 23 Feb 2012

Liz, I waited till Janome had 40% off sale and managed to scoop up my MB.That was nearly 2 years ago and I love working with my machine.
hugs Helen

starlizard by starlizard 23 Feb 2012

Well, the other option is the Futura XL400. It has a larger hoop and is a fourth of what the Janome costs. And since its a Futura, I wouldn't have the headache of converting all the designs I have over to the Janome format.

moyed by moyed 23 Feb 2012

You can convert batch of designs with sewwhatpro. I used it when I went from Brother to Janome.. I also have the quicksnap hoops for the MB and they are great. good sizes. hugs Helen

bumblebee by bumblebee 24 Feb 2012

I have the Futura XL400 and its okay for my needs tho I haven't multihooped yet.

by shirlener88 23 Feb 2012

Good luck with the lottery win - that is what it would take for me to get another 'Bigger - Newer' machine, too.

by susiesembroidery 23 Feb 2012

The prices are steep. Is that a machine with an extra large hoop? I don't know the Janome because I have Bernina. Hope you will soon be able to afford one.*****

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starlizard by starlizard 23 Feb 2012

This machine actually has 4 hoops and the largest one is gloriously huge with a 9.1" x 11.8" embroidery area. Makes my mind water just thinking about it. LOL!

by bumblebee 23 Feb 2012

Thats why I dont have one. LOL

by snowbird42 23 Feb 2012

Oh liz this prdice does make you gulp go and buy a lottery ticket someone has to win....soozie