by greysewist Moderator 21 Feb 2012

Yippee! but not a question :) I took my Juki (domestic/quilting but fairly heavy duty portable) machine in for a service yesterday. The tech has called twice today to inform me what's happening and it's now ready for pickup. This is the machine I use for work sewing and I have lots for it to do. They are doing it fast because I bought it there, as well as knowing it's my 'workhorse'. Chris P, would you like to move back down here before your next service? I'm just so thrilled, that I can't help sharing :)


by pennifold 22 Feb 2012

He he he! Just saw this post - it's 10.10 Thursday am! Now, normally Maarten would do mine straight away too, it was just because it was the Christmas holiday break and his holidays that it was so long. I have mine going now - doing Tubby's Raggedy Doll quilt for a Ugandan orphan. Sewing beautifully. Good luck with yours Marianne. Glad you got it back so quickly. Love and blessings Chris

by almag 22 Feb 2012

There are some great mechanics who realise that people need their machines, and they do a good, honest, reliable job at the same time.
I have to take my machine to Hamilton, 1 1/2 hours drive away, so I drop it off for servicing on my way to Ballarat and I can pick it up on the way back, usually the next day. Elaine is one of those great mechanics and I'm glad I found her.

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greysewist by greysewist 22 Feb 2012

Terrific, Alma and how nice to hear of a female doing a great job in that kind of trade, as well. It's amazing what we can achieve when we put an effort into it :)

by susiesembroidery 22 Feb 2012

I am so pleased for your sake. I have the same brilliant service from my Bernina Durban North group and it is such a pleasure when they understand your need to have your workhorse back in the saddle(LOL). Enjoy sewing on your nicely tuned machine.****

by ramona 22 Feb 2012

Glad it was finished quickly for you. I know you miss it.

by noah 21 Feb 2012

lol i am sitting here smiling for you hugs Carolyn can i move there to???

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greysewist by greysewist 22 Feb 2012

Yes Carolyn. I'd love to have you sitting here inspiring me to do more stuff!