by louisecockeran 20 Feb 2012

There's nothing like the smell of fresh ploughed ground, it's Natures own perfume. DH busy ploughing and planting crops for the cattle and sheep for the winter. Hugs Louise


by shirlener88 22 Feb 2012

Wonderful pictures - thanks for sharing them.

by judybell 22 Feb 2012

This brings back memories to me also. Rasied on a dairy farm in Ohio and I remember picking up worms and looking for arrow heads in the freshly plowed earth. The only time I didn't like it was when we had to pick up potatoes and the sweat bees would get behind our knees and would sting us when we bent over to get the potatoes. Dad was never happier than when he was on a tractor. Hugs, Judy

by hightechgrammy 21 Feb 2012

I'm like Angel, this reminds me of growing up on the farm! I LOVED it when Granddad would plow the gardens! We always would find worms and catch them before they slid back under the soil! It does have a certain smell, and thank to you, I remembered it! What do all do you plant?

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louisecockeran by louisecockeran 22 Feb 2012

We planted Oats, it is easy to grow in the winter months and good feed for the cattle and sheep. Hugs Louise

by anangel 21 Feb 2012

This reminds me so much of my childhood on the farm. Tis true; plowed ground is so near to nature, and a blessing to see and smell! I remember walking barefoot in the freshly turned soil behind my father's plow. I often got treated to a ride sitting on the cultivator (plows) behind the tractor, as he drove slowly keeping a watchful eye on me. At the end of the rows, he would carefully lift the plows, shaking them gently (with me on board!)to dislodge accumulated grass. Such pleasant memories! Thanks!

by babie 21 Feb 2012

Envy you for living on a farm. All we smell is city smoke.

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louisecockeran by louisecockeran 22 Feb 2012

Sending some fresh air and hugs your way lol

by sadp 21 Feb 2012

Yes, nothing beats the smell of freshly tilled soil or that first rain, oh wow, heavenly, hugs S*

by cfidl 20 Feb 2012

That soil looks like black gold! How wonderful to be close to the land like you are! I also love the smell of rain and the quiet of snow! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by oaro 20 Feb 2012

Beautiful pictures bring back great memory were i came from Thank you for sharing Maria

by devon 20 Feb 2012

I really miss the days like this. When I was little I would stay out in the garden. Thanks for the photos. DeVon