by roberta 19 Feb 2012

has anyone gotten designs from Misty Mountain embroidery? I had ordered some designs from them on Jan.29th and sent my money order right away believing I would get my designs sent by download as they said. No designs as of yet and I have e-mailed them 3 times so far with no answer from them. Anyone else had this problem? I sure would like to hear from anyone. Thanks Roberta


by ruthc 19 Feb 2012

If i ever had a problem she quickly fixed instant download skipped a file on 2 different orders and she emailed them to me no problems....she is great. Please don't fret you will get your designs when she is well. Please include Julie from embroidery addicts in your prayers as well as she is ill. Both are fantastic women.

by gerryb 19 Feb 2012

Susan is a great gal. She has had a fairly serious surgery & is in the hospital. MAYBE her mail has not been checked/opened since she's in hospital. But fear not, she will take care of it when she gets able to. The designs are very, very good. If you are not a member of her yahoo group, sign up & you'll get updates on her situtation. That is if someone is doing the site. We are getting updates on her health.

by lflanders 19 Feb 2012

Susan is a very nice and honest person. Check your account and if you do not find out anything from there email Susan. I am almost positive that you will get fast results. If you handle it professionally, I am sure she will make everything right. Linda Flanders

by jofrog2000 19 Feb 2012

Have you logged onto the site and gone to "my account"? I just checked for my own, and all I have ever bought is still there for unlimited dl.

by stork 19 Feb 2012

I have purchased from Susan and she will get the designs to you. She is in the hospital and needs our prayers for her recovery. Please have a little will get your designs.

by eyeztodiefor10 19 Feb 2012

Susan, the owner, is in the hospital. I'm sure she'll get back to you as soon as she recovers enough to go home. Please be patient with her.

by justonlyme 19 Feb 2012

I purchased several sets of designs from Misty Mountain. Had no problem at all with them. But then, I had no reason to contact either. I would check to see if your money order has been cashed. Some places will help you dispute the money order/checks/cashier's checks, etc. if you contact them. Then maybe try again later when you can order directly.

by cfidl 19 Feb 2012

I believe you can logon to your account and download from there. She never answered any of my emails. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by catsnhorses 19 Feb 2012

I love Susan's designs at Misty Mountain! As others mentioned, she's in the hospital recovering from surgery though. She's a good Christian woman and very diligent, so I'm sure she'll answer your emails as soon as she can.

by danababes 19 Feb 2012

I've always gotten what I've paid for at Susan's site (Misty Mountain). Her designs are lovely, and she has great sales :) I'm a member of her yahoo group too :) (Though Im not a moderator). xXx

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Feb 2012

I know that the owner is currently in the hospital. Hope you can get it straightened out

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roberta by roberta 26 Feb 2012

I totally understand when someone has emergency surgery but I placed my order on Jan 29th and sent t he money order the next day so she got my money before the 15th and when you send a money order you get your money right away. Besides it's a good idea to have someone to send out orders when something like this happens for someone is waiting for that particular design to do a project which has to be put on hold when it can be taken care of. It will be a month on the 29th of Feb since I have placed my order and the thing that upsets me is that no one had tried to contact me. That to me is not good business for it makes her look bad and I believe she is a good person as you people say. I pray for her getting well and back on her feet. Roberta

by tilde01 19 Feb 2012

Roberta, do you know if they received and cashed your money order? That might be part of the problem. In the future, you might want to get one of those paid in full debit cards and use that for your on line purchases. Just a thought.

mehhouse by mehhouse 19 Feb 2012

If you kept your money order receipt, there is an 800 number on it that you can call to see if they money order has been cashed. The site owner is very sick and as stated above, in the hosptial. She normally gives really good customer service so please have a bit of patience and wait until she is up to dealing with orders. Also, did you double check your account at the site to see if she put the designs into your account instead of emailing them to you.

roberta by roberta 21 Feb 2012

I hadn't called about the money order and thought of it but got busy and I will do it tomorrow I don't do paypal and am not using my credit card due to I want to pay it off but someone should at least let a customer know when she orders something and don't hear anything on why she doesn't get her order. I am sorry she's had emergency surgery and I will be praying for her speedy recovery for her health. Thanks! Roberta