by mlbell70 17 Feb 2012

I need help from you talented cuties. I've been trying to emb. a name of the center patch of a childs quilt. First hooped soft'n sheer cut-away permanent stablizer made by Sulky in my magnetic Janomie hoop, then I sprayed the very thin flannel patch and stuck it on the stablizer. Emb. the name (BELLA)using all large caps in the cheltenham font. tension at 2.0 size 11 needle. When I looked at it saw that all around the edges of letters looked like the fabric was slightly frayed or pulled. Would heavier stablized help...or what to do??


by sandyqueen 17 Feb 2012

Try water soluable on the top of patch. Could just be flannel poking up through the stitches.


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mlbell70 by mlbell70 17 Feb 2012

I,m ready to try anything! Thank you

by sewdoctor 17 Feb 2012

Sounds to me that your needle is too big...try a smaller needle. You also may need to loosen your tension....or lessen the density of your "design"

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mlbell70 by mlbell70 17 Feb 2012

I used a size 11 regular needle Would a blue tip or other special needle work better? The flannel is so thin I can see the needle holes around the letters. Thank you for helping