by cicadamn 13 Feb 2012

Hello from South Africa. I visit cuties every day. love it here. Sorry about this stupid quest. what colour is Sienna?


by almag 13 Feb 2012

It's the colour of the AZ desert hills and outcrops at sunset.

by susiesembroidery 13 Feb 2012

This is a lovely colourchart, thank you very much.

by cicadamn 13 Feb 2012

wow what a great chart I have saved it, thank u so much!

by sewfrenzie 13 Feb 2012

OK, now that I looked at the netcentral site, can anyone tell what color applique is? My brother machine uses that color to replace another color. First time I saw it I thought it was where you put in a piece of fabric, although I did not know there was supposed to be any applique in the design. So when I put a fabric down it covered half of what the machine had already embroidered!!! SO I now am assuming its a color, but WHAT?!?!

by kttyhwk4 13 Feb 2012

Its a brown with reddish tones, very pretty.

by cicadamn 13 Feb 2012

Thank U all now I can at last do the right colour!!

by ramona 13 Feb 2012

I see you have your answer and it's not a stupid question. We don't have those here on Cute.

by pennifold 13 Feb 2012

This is a good colour chart. I have put it on Sienna, if you run your mouse over any colour it will change the page. Love Chris

lindalee757 by lindalee757 13 Feb 2012

wow-what a great page Chris-I like this one, it's going right up on my favorites tool bar! ~linda~

sewbadly by sewbadly 13 Feb 2012

Sweet ! Thank you.

mi30kaja by mi30kaja 13 Feb 2012

Great Page Chris.

clawton by clawton 13 Feb 2012

That was great

airyfairy by airyfairy 14 Feb 2012

Great - thank you Chris

by suelyn7 13 Feb 2012

Sienna is yellow/brown colour

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suelyn7 by suelyn7 13 Feb 2012

The colour burnt sienna is the darker brown

by lflanders 13 Feb 2012

It is a very dark brown.