by nama2 12 Feb 2012

I am going to be embroidering on a ready-made baby blanket. Somewhere I read, you shouldn't put a topping on Minky fabric when stitching it. What do all of you think? I was going to, but now am not sure (it didn't give any reason for this suggestion.)


by eteaff 12 Feb 2012

It's been awhile ago. Maybe a year. But I used WS Film and it worked fine. I didn't wet it until I pulled off most of it. Much success.

by jrob Moderator 12 Feb 2012

I can't think of any reason that you shouldn't but I can think of lots why you should.;)

by sewdoctor 12 Feb 2012

I do...always with minky or fleece, terry any napped fabric.

by parkermom 12 Feb 2012

I too always use Water Soluble Stabilizer with Minky fabric, and have had great luck. I never think Minky is going to wash up well, and it always comes out so pretty

by hightechgrammy 12 Feb 2012

I always use one or two layers of WSS when embroidering on anything that is thick like towels or plush fabrics. Otherwise the stitches will just sink right underneath the top. Do you have anything similar to practice on? Also, I never hoop those item. I hoop peel and stick stabilizer, put the article on the sticky, float heavy weight stabilizer under it all, put WSS on top and say a prayer or two that everything will turn out. It really would be best to practice on something similar so you don't ruin your minky blanket. Good Luck! Jan

by castelyn 12 Feb 2012

As "Carolyn" Noah, I always put wss on top of blankets.- hugs Yvonne

by noah 12 Feb 2012

yes put wws on top or the letters well sink into the fabric and won't be able to read it as well .It seems to hold the letters to the top .I always do this hugs carolyn