by tranad422 11 Feb 2012

can anyone tell me in simple terms how to put a few letters together my machine is a singer 250 futura been trying for ages to do fonts but just cant get the hang of it would be greatful for any advice


by capoodle 11 Feb 2012

I googled your question and found a couple links that might be of some help to you.

by shilly 11 Feb 2012

I believe you have to open one letter in a window, then you have to open the second letter in a new window;now choose "select design to move", right click, choose "copy". Go to the window where the first letter is click "paste"- the second letter should appear on top of the first, so move it around and click "apply". Good luck.

by manami 11 Feb 2012

Have you tried copy and paste? My machine was Jaguar, similar to singer futura, and copy and paste worked for me. Hugs,Yoriko

by sewmom 11 Feb 2012

I'm sorry, I don't have that machine but I will send your question back to the top. Are you trying to do built in lettering or fonts you get from the internet?