by jwilcocks 11 Feb 2012

I just what to thank my secret birthday friend, for my pretty table net and towel,face set that she took time to make me.Bless you hugs. P.S. I do not now how to post a picture on cuties,still trying, thanks cuties for all my flowers Bless you all.


by rw9340 16 Feb 2012

beautiful luck you

by dailylaundry 16 Feb 2012

What wonderful gifts!! Great job Secret Sister!! Hugs, Laura*

by read180 16 Feb 2012

What awesome gifts you received from your SS. Another fantastic embroidery job. Way to go SS!
Cindy B

by castelyn 16 Feb 2012

Hi Jenny, what lovely gifts you got from your SS.
Thanks Sue for showing us all. Hugs Yvonne

by lidiad 15 Feb 2012

What a lovely gift!!!!! Beautifully made, great taste! Hugs, Lidia

by christracey 15 Feb 2012

You got a lovely gift. Congratulations.

by shirlener88 15 Feb 2012

Jenny, this is a special gift from your Secret Sister - WOW, way to go SS.

by bokkieborduur 15 Feb 2012

Hi Jenny where are you. Hugs Marie

by spendlove Moderator 15 Feb 2012

Here is Jenny's lovely gift.

bokkieborduur by bokkieborduur 15 Feb 2012

This is so WOW. Jenny better late then never. Your SS did a beautiful workpiece for you. Marie

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 16 Feb 2012

Ooooo Awwww, so cute!

by spendlove Moderator 11 Feb 2012

Click on Answer this question
Then click the tab which says upload image.
Click Browse and find where you have saved the picture, double click on it. Then click upload before submit.
Make sure that the pic is not too big and you won't have any problems.

by cfidl 11 Feb 2012

Great job SS! Happy Birthday to you! Live Laugh Download Stitch!