by jayce 09 Feb 2012

My daughter-in-law is interested in buying a second hand embroidery machine Bernina Deco 650, does anyone know anything about this machine and what software would she need. need your help with this one. Thank you in advance♥


by awesome1 11 Feb 2012

I owned one of these machines a while ago and I used the PE Design Basic software. It allows you to copy designs from your computer to a card--cost abt $100 but no resizing or digitizing. I liked the program & let it go with the machine when I sold.

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jayce by jayce 11 Feb 2012

Thanl You ♥

by airyfairy 11 Feb 2012

I have the earlier Bernina - Deco 600. I do not know if it is the same. Mine works with PES format and I have a magic box to transfer designs from my computer to a card. I sure someone will help you with the correct information. Sarah.

by jayce 11 Feb 2012

Thank you Sandyqueen at this stage she is only interested in doing embroidery, so she needs to get the designs from the computer to the machine, she doesnt know anything about the machine. just wondering what she will need for this.

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duckie1 by duckie1 14 Feb 2012

The only way to get the designs from the computer to the machine is with a Magic Box. It comes with a card that can hold 6 designs and is very easy to use.

by sandyqueen 09 Feb 2012

Does she want to digitize or just be able to send designs to the machine to sew them? How many ways can designs be sent to the machine? How big a hoop on this machine?

Bernina has a FREE download program on their site called ARTLINK she can try which is not for digitizing but can rotate, flip and couple other functions.