by smburt 07 Feb 2012

On making the Uganda quilt, do I use my thread that I use for embroidering or do I need quilt thread. Probably doesn't matter on material , right? It can have polyester in it? Appreciate all help. Thanks. Susan


by hightechgrammy 07 Feb 2012

Hi Susan, I agree the best is to use sewing thread. But, on my RAG quilt where the stitching shows so much, I used contrasting embroidery thread on the top and bottom, then when I clipped it, I clipped near to the thread. I like the sheen of the thread. I don't think regular bobbin thread is strong enough... Poly is fine, but I don't know about rayon. The last thing we want is the for thread to break, or shrink more than the fabric. Thank you so very much for making a quilt for the orphans in Uganda! Can't wait to see it! hugs, Jan

by pcteddyb 07 Feb 2012

I would use a sewing/quilting/general purpose thread to sew the quilt togehter. Embroidery thread is not really strong enough to put your quilt together.

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smburt by smburt 07 Feb 2012

Ok. Thank you