by greysewist Moderator 04 Feb 2012

Sewing/Embroidery retreat in (Gippsland area) Vic, Australia from 2pm Thursday 8th March, 2012 up to and including Lunch on Sunday 11th March, 2012. All meals and accommodation included. Please PM 'greysewist' for more info if interested in attending. Marianne.


by granniebea 05 Feb 2012

Would love to be there but not enough time to get organised,heaps of things on. Maybe next year, if you could let me know earlier. I am in NSW.
Have fun :)

by lyns 04 Feb 2012

sounds like heaps of fun. xx

by pennifold 04 Feb 2012

Hi Marianne,

Sounds like it will be fun. I hope some more Victorians will join you. Love Chris

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greysewist by greysewist 04 Feb 2012

They don't need to be Vic's, Chris. We normally have someone from Qld come down to retreat with us and a couple from NSW. All depends how keen one is! Actually we had someone from Florida one year as well, but she happened to be here on holiday at the right time :)