by blessed 03 Feb 2012

Is anyone having trouble with the flower names in the ripple designs? mine want to wad on the back. If not help. thanks


by hightechgrammy 03 Feb 2012

I float more tear-away stabilizer under the hoops when that happens....

by basketkase 03 Feb 2012

I have size 65 needles that I use for thin or small writing in lieu of the regular size 75 needle. I have also found that not all machines interpret wording stitches the same, so you can leave mine off and create your own....

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blessed by blessed 04 Feb 2012

I love your designs also the names it is just so tiny and when it repeats on itself that is when my thread breaks. I will try a smaller needle thanks for your reply

by noah 03 Feb 2012

no i have made eveyone and no problems but i had problem with one from another site and my thread was to thick so i put light thread on it and it sewed well hugs carolyn

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 03 Feb 2012

Was it bobbin thread on the top, then? Great idea!

by dino 03 Feb 2012

I have stitched 8 of them so far. I ironed light weight fusible on the back of cotton fabric, then hooped it with no other stabilizer. The names are tiny and dense and did have problem with the daffodil lettering, but all the others stitched fine.

noah by noah 03 Feb 2012

well weres your pitures i want to see them please lol hugs

dino by dino 03 Feb 2012

I would love to share pictures, but I don't know how.

blessed by blessed 04 Feb 2012

I do not either thought I was the only one