by rw9340 01 Feb 2012

I have several questions, First of all, all the quilt in projects are so beautiful and all the other projects are also beautiful, thank you. How do you sew your quilt? Do you have a quilting machine or do you sew it on a regular sewing machine? How do you sew on the fancy designs? How long does it take you to complete a quilt?


by bikermomfl 02 Feb 2012

I add my fancy designs first, then load my quilt top, backing and batting on my long arm frame and have at it. I do some smaller things on my regular sewing machine by dropping the feed dogs and going along, it's kinda like driving a clutch car, you need to match your speed to your movement.

by rw9340 02 Feb 2012

Thank you everyone for the advice. A friend of my has a top made already that her mother had and she wants a back put on it she ask me if I would do it for her. She said her mother had passed away a long time ago and she would like for someone to finish it. I told her I would do it. I usually do the quilt as you go method. But since the top has already been made I guess I will have to do the other way. Once again thank you.

by justonlyme 01 Feb 2012

I sew my quilts with a regular old sewing machine; the one I've owned for about 20 years. I do have a mid-arm quilter that probably should be sold, because I never even use it. I like sewing the whole thing on the regular sewing machine. I rarely even use decorative stitching, unless I'm doing a crazy quilt. YOU CAN QUILT!!! Do not feel like you have to hire someone to quilt your top!! Take the plunge and just doodle away in any design you would like to secure the "quilt sandwich" (backing, batting, top).
The time required really depends upon several factors. I have been making a quilt pretty much every day this week. If you use larger blocks or real simple designs, then it will go fast. Or you can get real intricate and have it take months or even years, because those new to quilting (just as any other project) take on something huge, get frustrated and put it away, where it haunts them for ages before it is finally finished. Start with something simple with your first design. A 4 patch and a 9 patch are super easy, as are crazy quilts. Pick something that you will enjoy, and use fabric that your eyes enjoy seeing. You will love your finished product even if it is super simple. And one thing to remember. When you are sewing, you are focusing on EVERY stitch. But back up a little bit, and then try to find that one little blooper. Can't see it? None else can either!! I encourage you to just start and enjoy the process. It might be the beginning of a whole new hobby. :)

by almag 01 Feb 2012

This might be quite long.......... :} .......

Sewing on an old treadle, straight stitch machine is as much fun as sewing on the very latest computerised machine.
I have a very, very old treadle machine which has the best straight stitch I've ever seen and it's a dream to use - smooth, quiet, easy. It's the very best patchwork machine I've ever used.
I also have at least five other machines, all used for putting quilts together, all with varying personalities. The Husqvarna Designer II, sewing/embroidery/quilting, is also a dream with its sensor up/down needle positions, hands used only for fabric, automatic thread cutter, the lot. It's fast and accurate but not as relaxing as the old treadle.

If I quilt by machine I use a walking foot on the HDII - it has a bigger space to accommodate a big quilt. Again machine quilting is not as relaxing as hand quilting. I have sewn quite a few quilts and quilted items without the walking foot in the days before I could afford a walking foot. I've quilted on all my machines with equal success.

Fancy designs??? Those are usually sewn onto individual blocks before the blocks are sewn together to make the quilt top. Sometimes they are sewn on to the quilt top after the top has been put together. Some fancy designs are sewn by hand, some by machine. Normally they are sewn on before the quilt is sandwiched but that isn't a hard and fast rule.

Fact is.... if there's a rule for quilting I've probably broken it and had great fun creating in the process.
You don't need the latest and greatest to make a quilt. All you need is incentive, desire and some fabric, needle and thread. The internet is loaded with quilt ideas, tips and help.

Yep!... I thought this was going to be a long one..... :} ....


by joann13100 01 Feb 2012

I've used a sewing machine to quilt. It takes practice to get anywhere good at it, unless you have a stitch regulator that adjusts the size of the stitch based on the needle speed. The trick is to quilt in sections, not the whole quilt at once, then to piece the quilted sections together at the end. A lot easier to handle that way.

by pldc 01 Feb 2012

every seam on every quilt that I know of has been made with an exact quarter of an inch seam: that said my tip for all is this: if your using a quarter inch foot then whatever machine you start on finish on! There are no TWO FEET exactly the same & with quilted you have to be very accurate! Good Luck, you either love it or you hate it! I love it!

by noah 01 Feb 2012

I sew it by machine a regular old straight stitch ,then i quilt on the same old machine hugs carolyn

by bevintex 01 Feb 2012

Look on youtube for easy quilting tutorials. There are lots of rag quilts and quilt as you go. I'm doing mine on my sewing machine and it's working for me. Being a non quilter mine will take about a week. Almost done but started on a different one. It's fun just jump in and try it. You will make a child very happy

by alexgrandma 01 Feb 2012

I have a quilting machine but I have been using my sewing machine to make a quilt as you go. It is a Fun and Done quilt. I use my embroidery machine and a redwork design to quilt the pieces together. I also applique before I do the redwork or stipple the quilt.

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alexgrandma by alexgrandma 01 Feb 2012
Here is a link of the fun and done method.

by mranderson 01 Feb 2012

This You Tube video might help. There are 4 parts to it. Hope this works. I am not a quilter yet. Marg;feature=related