by ansalu 01 Feb 2012

Has anybody tried to make the "my fair ladies" from >My Fair Lady<? Found them at secretsof and fall instantly in love *lol*

Any experiences?
Greetings, Bettina


by bonnetgirl 02 Feb 2012

These are adorable.

by mooie24 02 Feb 2012

Im looking forward to trying these also.. but I need to work out how to turn my auto trim off on my machine lol..
Big hugs - Maria xx

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theduchess by theduchess 02 Feb 2012

When you find out post it. I still have not discovered how to do it.

by my3chis 02 Feb 2012


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ansalu by ansalu 02 Feb 2012

Thank you for all your information :o)

by de105 02 Feb 2012

Try downloading the design again. I have many designs from this site My Fair Lady. I have 3 cd's with above designs and the hula ones and the spring collection all stitch out beautiful. You must hoop 2 pieces of medium weight water soluble stablizer and use a 4x4 hoop. Use same thread in the top & bobbin. I hope this helps.

ansalu by ansalu 02 Feb 2012

Thank you for your tips :o)
I have just a 5x7hoop for my brother but i hope this would work also...
Greetings, Bettina
PS: Is the hanger part of the design?

de105 by de105 05 Feb 2012

The hanger is part of the design. I went to the sewing Expo and I met the owner of this site and her Mom she had these designs hanging from a black sweater and they looked so cute. I thought you could attach them like jewelry with a jump ring so you could take them off for washing. Yes you can make more than one if you have the 5x7 hoop. That's fine.

de105 by de105 05 Feb 2012

wash them and yes you can use the 5x7 hoop and do several at one time.

by maryanns66 02 Feb 2012

I downloaded the freebie..and all I get for the first color is the top fill. Then it goes to color 2 and stitches the satin outline. I could never get the 'tassel strands' to stitch, even though the first color shows them??? And my Singer XL-400 accepts all formats and I tried every one!! I've sent her 2 emails, and tonight sent one through Secrets to try to see what's wrong. Probably me! LOL But no one has replied from My Fair Lady...sigh!
I think these are just adorable!!

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my3chis by my3chis 02 Feb 2012

I had this problem too but she e-mailed me the design in XXX and it stitched out fine.

by theduchess 01 Feb 2012

How BEAUTIFUL! What talent. Lets not forget a basic black-Audrey Hepburn style dress also. Would these work as pins?Would love to do one.

ansalu by ansalu 01 Feb 2012

Can you imagine little black sunglases and a cigarette-holder on top? *lol*
I love Audrey Hepburn...

theduchess by theduchess 01 Feb 2012

Yes and a darling hat! I even have some of the McCall Dress patterns But unfortunately I could not fit into such a tiny dress size now.

my3chis by my3chis 02 Feb 2012

I made differant colored dresses and I have a hat and shoe earring design that goes great with them. I made each dress a hat and set of shoes.

by cfidl 01 Feb 2012

I want this set. I stitched out the tassel from this page and it is really cool! She also has a outline that I thought could add a fabric skirt! Lots of Fun! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by my3chis 01 Feb 2012

I bought the wedding set which has two dresses and they came out nice, they made a nice wedding gift. Just use a couple layers of WSS.

ansalu by ansalu 01 Feb 2012

Is the hanger incl. in the design? Just my stupid question. at first sight I thought they use littel cable-hangers *lol*
Greetings, Bettina

my3chis by my3chis 02 Feb 2012

Yes, the hangar is part of the design.

by teun 01 Feb 2012

Sehn ja wirklich gut aus