by lilylady 31 Jan 2012

This is what I learned at embroidery class yesterday. Cotton material using a dense design. Wash cotton material first. Iron on fusible interfacing, just the cheap stuff. Put design in machine, enlarge design slightly, Hoop material. Slip a piece of tear-a-way stabilizer under the hoop. if you are doing a design with 7000 stitches put 1 sheet, if you do a design 7001 to 20000 stitches put 2 sheets of tear-a-way, if you do over 20,000 put 3 or 4 sheets of tear-a-way under hoop. They say there should be no pucking. LOL Just thought I would share. We have to make a mystery quilt. The sample was dense and beautiful


by deeside 03 Feb 2012

I've certainly heard about using interfacing and extra tearaway for dense designs - but I wonder why they recommend enlarging the design slightly? Looking at all these answers, you'll have some questions to ask at your next class. Look forward to any other comments on this topic.

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lilylady by lilylady 03 Feb 2012

this is for dense designs

by designcrazy 03 Feb 2012

Thanks for this informatiom. When you are finished with the stitching do you remove the interfacing also?

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lilylady by lilylady 03 Feb 2012

no, just tearaway

by jacquipaul 03 Feb 2012

Thank you for the information;
Jacqueline †

by rmj8939 03 Feb 2012


by sukira 02 Feb 2012

Thank you for the tip.

by jofrog2000 02 Feb 2012

Now, how much of the material did you put the stabilizer on? Enough to go outside the hoop, I'm guessing. And the interfacing light like the stuff we iron on over the back of a finished design?

lilylady by lilylady 03 Feb 2012

large enough to cover where you are embroidering your design. The fusible interfacing is the kind you use for regular sewing.

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 03 Feb 2012


by cj2sew 02 Feb 2012

This is really good information to know. Thanks for sharing.

by berny 02 Feb 2012

where are you,I have looked for embroidery classes clubs or groups and could not find any,I live in

lilylady by lilylady 02 Feb 2012

northern Minnesota, a few miles away.

berny by berny 04 Feb 2012

Thank you for reply a bit to far for me

by vickiannette 02 Feb 2012

thankyou. I will try this. I have some tearaway which is great, but very thick and it spoiled one of my hoops. I got it from a professional embroiderer who uses a big 10 needle Taijama (not sure of spelling).

by asterixsew Moderator 02 Feb 2012

Thanks for this as it is what I do

by almag 02 Feb 2012

I'm going to try this. Hooping the fabric with the thin interfacing would be easier on the hoop than trying to hoop thicker stabiliser. Interfacing should stop the fabric from stretching, too, shouldn't it? I get really annoyed when I spend a long time on a design and then see even slight puckering.

by baydreamer 02 Feb 2012

thanks, good to know .

by parkermom 02 Feb 2012

thank you! I will do that next time.

by mjdg 01 Feb 2012

How thick/thin was the cotton?
Would this be good for 100% cotton muslin?

I always wash my material first. I think that helps a lot.


lilylady by lilylady 01 Feb 2012

They probably were talking about quilters cotton, but today I tried a 100% cotton and did the fusible interfacing and two layers of tearaway and did 18,000 stitches and it turned out beautiful, wish I could do pictures!

mjdg by mjdg 02 Feb 2012

I am going to try this technique on some of my soon as I can grab the time.. will let you know how it turns out.....

by bumblebee 01 Feb 2012

I just made all my blocks of cotton for Uganda quilt
and I used Emblibrary which are super dense. I agree
they need density adjustment. I used 2 sheets of tearaway hooped and a lightweight stabilizer pinned
and fabric pinned. I think your way would be better
when not hooping the cotton. Thanks for the tip.
Linda aka Bumblebee

by dailylaundry 01 Feb 2012

I have always had problems with puckering! I will make a note of this and try it next time!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs, Laura*

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lilylady by lilylady 01 Feb 2012

your welcome, we have to do 16 blocks for a mystery quilt, so I hope it works. LOL

by bettytaylor 01 Feb 2012

thanks for sharing your info. this should help. Betty

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lilylady by lilylady 01 Feb 2012

your welcome

by lindalee757 01 Feb 2012

Thanks for passing on this tip Sandy-I have posted it next to my machines ~linda~

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lilylady by lilylady 01 Feb 2012

Your Welcome, hope it works.LOLK

by shirlener88 01 Feb 2012

Lily, so happy to know you are taking embroidery lessons - keep on stitching and share your items with us in PROJECTS - we would love to be inspired by your work and what you are learning.

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lilylady by lilylady 01 Feb 2012

I know, its the taking of pictures, I don't do well at.

by cfidl 01 Feb 2012

With all that stabilizer you would have a patch! But it is true, eveything you said. The only thing you did not mention was the thread weight, just like poly, rayon, and any other kind the weight per inch or density of the thread is what is different. The silkiness of the thread can affect thread tension but not design density. make sense? LLDS!

lilylady by lilylady 01 Feb 2012

the first layer is fusible interfacing, which is very thin, the nest is your stabilizer. the rest is tearaway, so when its done, you really only have one layer of stabilizer. you tear the rest off. the weight of your thread was not mentioned. we use 40 wt. sulky or I have metro poly.

lilylady by lilylady 01 Feb 2012

that should be next is you stabilizer. we use 40 wt. sulky or I use metro poly.

by louisecockeran 01 Feb 2012

Thanks for the tip I've done something last week on thin cotton and it would not embroider nice so I will try this tip. Hugs Louise

by katydid 31 Jan 2012

Have never used 4 sheets, must really be a heavy design. What class did you attend? I guess I mean what machine do you have? Kay

lilylady by lilylady 01 Feb 2012

we have a class once a month at our babylock dealer.

lflanders by lflanders 02 Feb 2012

Thanks for sharing your class with us! I too have a Esante and the Ellageo. I have some problems with the Ellageo sometimes. This is nice to know!

by killiecrankie 31 Jan 2012

You have to take into account the size of the design as well as stitch count .I have done a design with over 31,000 sts with only 1 layer of stabilizer because it was 8"x10" not a sm 4x4 design

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lilylady by lilylady 01 Feb 2012

on cotton?

by shilly 31 Jan 2012

Hope you're right,hehehe.Thanks.

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lilylady by lilylady 01 Feb 2012

this comes from a babylock dealer, a quilter and 2 ladies who sew, they are our teachers for our embroidery retreat at the end of Feb.

by noah 31 Jan 2012

thank-you i will remember this hugs carolyn

by drro 31 Jan 2012