by louisecockeran 23 Jan 2012

Why do we always make something for someone else that we really wanted ourselves? I'm busy with my SS birthday present and I'm so exited to send this it is the first time I've done something like this. Hugs Louise


by mjjust2ofus 23 Jan 2012

that is so cool! I love being excited and don't you think that while you are doing your project for someone, you get closer because you think of that person constantly! I love it!!


by meganne 23 Jan 2012

Every time I make something Hubby says are you making one for us too???
But once I've made a thing once, I have to move on.
Poor love, one day I'll surprise him. :-)

by gerryvb 23 Jan 2012

when I make or buy something for somebody else, i always wonder what would I think if someone gave me this. I think it's always so grateful when you can make somebody happy and you see or hear later on they are happy with is. To give and to get can be as nice. I love to surprise my dear ones.

by zoefzoef 23 Jan 2012

I always start a project with the idea "If it doesn"t work out; I'll keep it for myself" .. But somehow it always works out. so not many things I can keep :-) But like there's written, it is such a joy to see the smile on their faces when you give the gifts.

by spendlove Moderator 23 Jan 2012

My daughter always gives gifts that she likes in the hopes that she may get them back eventually!

by lidiad 23 Jan 2012

It happens to me too... I have made a few projects and have given them as gifts. I know I can make them again any time but I have other things to make... On the other hand I like to see their faces light up when they see their present. Good luck with your SS birthday present! Hugs, Lidia

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airyfairy by airyfairy 23 Jan 2012

You have described how I feel perfectly.