by babybird 21 Jan 2012

Every year there are beautiful designs for St. Patrick's Day so here is a heads up. A shamrock has only three leaves.

The others are 4-leaf clovers and every bit as beautiful but they are not shamrocks.


by lflanders 21 Jan 2012

I am Irish but I sealed a 4-leaf clover that I found when I was still married and that has been over 32 yrs ago. I have changed it from one billfold to another for all these yrs. I keep hoping it will bring me good luck..I really carry it out of habit. It is in the photo section of the billfold. My son and I found it when he was rather small and he just turned 45. It is incased in a hard plastic sealed thing made for keepsakes. I really do not remember which one of us found it but I was sitting on the ground with my son in a clover patch. It was in among a thick patch of thousands of 3 leaf clovers or shamrocks. My Mom's ancesters were traced straight back to Ireland. Her maiden name was Carroll. Her younger brother spent yrs tracing the family tree.

by cfidl 21 Jan 2012

Are shamrocks every bit as lucky as 4 leaf clovers are and why are 4 leaf clover only found in a patch of shamrocks or is it clover? Is shamrock clover at all? more questions...

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babybird by babybird 22 Jan 2012

I don't know the answer to that but I'll take my luck any way I can find it!

by sewinhuggs 21 Jan 2012

Do you mean like this.

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babybird by babybird 22 Jan 2012

Yup....just like that!

by leenova54 21 Jan 2012

How right you are! I have a Celtic type design on my lower back with a Shamrock in the center...3 leaves.

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babybird by babybird 22 Jan 2012

Brave lady!!

by jofrog2000 21 Jan 2012