by amazinggrace 19 Jan 2012

Hi, I bought a subscription for my husband's Christmas present (!) back in December and I am now trying for the first time to download designs but I'm being asked to pay. I can't see how to d/l using my subscription, can anybody help please?


by cfidl 19 Jan 2012

I thought I would be the first one to answer! Have Fun! christine Live Laugh Download Stitch!

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amazinggrace by amazinggrace 19 Jan 2012

Never mind. I've given you a flower for your trouble but can't stop longer as I have designs to d/l ! *

by hightechgrammy 19 Jan 2012

Hi, Everyone has this problem as it's a little tricky to figure out how to do it! The trick is - don't put anything in your cart. Instead, just click the green download button. That will take you to the next page/step where you choose your format and it all downloads automatically! or auto-magically! Let me know if that doesn't work or I need to explain it differently! Have fun! Jan

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amazinggrace by amazinggrace 19 Jan 2012

So glad I'm not the only one to have problems. You explained it very clearly, thanks. First alphabet d/l, only ??????? thousand designs left to go. *