by thecraftycritter 18 Jan 2012

How many Cuties have been doing machine embroidery since it was done free motion? Before the computer machines did it all for us? All forms of decorative stitchery have been done for over 30 years, how many of us have been at it that long???


by drro 20 Jan 2012

I did. One Christmas I made appliqué gifts for the ladies and kids-wrap around skirts with a pot of flowers in the front corner, and denim and lambs fleece lined vests for the kids-with air-planes and hot air-balloons on the back...all free motion appliqué! Whew...sure do like my computerized embroidery machine today!!;>)

by gandu 20 Jan 2012

I have seen guys doing machines embroidery just like the guy in the vidio in Bombay They have very small shop and will give you your sari embroidered in just an hour any design even the cut work they all use juki machines By the way sari is 6 meaters no joke LOL Brenda

by tippi 20 Jan 2012

Free motion is the way I started. Was so glad when the new emb machines came out.

by olds 20 Jan 2012

Hi, I went to a few demo's in the 70's. We did hands
on. This was before computerize machines. We did not
know about stabilizers then and worked on muslin. I
still have some samples. I remember a large sunflower. Mine left a lot to be desired! Today we
have emb. machines much better.

by bowlds 19 Jan 2012

thecraftycritter referenced a Singer book from way back that detailed free motion embroidery. I found a link on to download it free! Don't you love the Internet?

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mops by mops 19 Jan 2012

I downloaded it, there are gorgeous examples of free embroidery. Those will have taken an awful lot of practice!!

by darmoola 18 Jan 2012

I use to do free motion applique. Thank goodness we can buy applique designs and use our machine with just a few simple steps. !!!!!

by sandyqueen 18 Jan 2012

Count me.


by thecraftycritter 18 Jan 2012

Singer Instructions for Art and Embroidery was first published in 1911 and long out of print, this book clearly demonstrates that decorative machine embroidery did not originate with the advent of the computerized zigzag sewing machine. On the contrary, every delicate piece of embroidery illustrated was done entirely on a straight-stitch treadle sewing machine. The Singer manual comprises 125 lessons, each focusing on a different technique and progressing from elementary decorative stitches to the creation of such fine lace and decorative embroidery forms as Hedebo, Valenciennes, Teneriffe, and Cluny lace, velvet applique, beadwork, and even embroidery on wood veneer.

by liz92b 18 Jan 2012

Back inthe late 80's, I ran off a series of towels for different people with different monograms, all done free motion ... they turned out not too bad, but nothing like today's machine results!!

by bowlds 18 Jan 2012

I did free motion machine embroidery when I had young children. I asked my son once what he wanted on the pocket of the jeans I made him and he said Donkey Kong...complete with the lady and the barrel in his hand...all to fit on a back pocket! I about fainted! I did it and it turned out very nice. I wish I still had those pants to look at.

by bettytaylor 18 Jan 2012

I never knew this was possible. I have done free motion on quilts, guess my sewing skills were in a different area. Thank you for sharing the video, I enjoyed it very much. His fingers are SEWWWWWWWWWW close to that needle that it was scary to watch. Betty

by mops Moderator 18 Jan 2012

I started doing free motion embroidery when my mother bought her first Elna in 1953 (single stitch only). She had a lesson at home and I just LOVED what was demonstrated. The lady had a table cloth printed with a flower design, you know those things meant for hand embroidery, and the ease with which she made the leaves and stems, and those petals, amazing. So my mother thought it would be nice if I did something similar as I was 'capable enough' according to her. :(
Bought my own Elna in 1963 and did free hand embroidery on that one for children's clothing and used the decorative stitches mine had a lot. Still have the samplers I made.

Happened to have a go at it last week, was just wondering if I could still do something that looked pretty after all the machine embroidery we do nowadays. I must say I was better at it when I was 15. But it felt nice to get the hands-on experience again.

by pennifold 18 Jan 2012

I just had to share this YouTube sensation with you all.

Meg and I went to an Echidna Convention last year and the gentleman from Zundt designs - Urban Zundt showed it to us.

You want to see machine embroidery as free motion - well Pancho Martinez is the best I've ever seen!

Love and blessings Chris

marcellelewis by marcellelewis 18 Jan 2012

In the early 70's I was having everything monogrammed at a local store. I bought a Singer Golden Touch & Sew and found out they had a monogram attachment to fit it. I had to have it. Still used my Touch & Sew until about 4 years ago for mending jeans and heavy stuff until it died but I still have the monogram attachment. In fact, it is in a box I am sending to the Salvation Army. It still works perfectly.

I did hand embroidery but never did any free motion embroidery back then. I was never brave enough to even attempt it.

I have seen a video before and found it amazing. I don't see how he keeps from sewing his fingers. I could hardly stand to watch how close his fingers get to the needle.


marcellelewis by marcellelewis 18 Jan 2012

It died but I still have the attachment. I was never brave enough to try any free motion embroidery. It is amazing to watch though. Marcelle

meganne by meganne 18 Jan 2012

I get sick watching someone THIS good!!!
Notice the machine he is using? None other than a JUKI!!! Best machine manufacturer bar none.

mops by mops 18 Jan 2012

I saw the video when you mentioned it last year. The speed is amazing, that will have taken years of practive! I've never seen a machine with that knee handle, what a great way to set the width of the satin stitch!

marcellelewis by marcellelewis 18 Jan 2012

Does Juki make a multi needle embroidery machine? Are their sewing machines more for industrial uses? I haven't ever used one. Marcelle

grandmamek by grandmamek 20 Jan 2012

That was truly an amazing video. He sure makes it look easy!

darenluan by darenluan 20 Jan 2012

So skillfully done. I never thought this could be possible.

lflanders by lflanders 20 Jan 2012

Chris, I think you had already brought this to our attention before. It is still amazing! If we could all sew like that we could make some money doing it! Of course, I just settle, most of the time, with sewing for family and friends.. I can also see my fingers sewn to the material several times a day! My reflex motions are not what they used to be when the body and mind was younger!! Amazing!

lflanders by lflanders 20 Jan 2012

fingers sewn to the material several times a day! It is truely amazing to watch!

by shirlener88 18 Jan 2012

You can't count me in on this one - I didn't do any sewing (well not since my kids were young - anyway) and never even thought of machine embroidery - until I bought my embroidery machine. I hope that this post show there are more like you - than like me - Hehehe!

by meganne 18 Jan 2012

I used to do free motion darning with my old machine but all my attempts at free motion embroidery ended up being disasters.
I was successful at doing some appliqué outlines, free hand, but that's about all. LOL!!!!

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mops by mops 18 Jan 2012

O yes, darning. That word brings it all back to me. That was one of the reasons my mother bought the Elna. And repairing holes and strengthening weak spots in teatowels. But she soon decided she did not have enough time for that and had me do it. As the machine only had a straight stitch she also 'zigzagged' seam allowances free hand. And embroidered names on napkins.