by starlizard 16 Jan 2012

On the matter of ethical practices...

Okay, a few days ago I asked a question about the hair clip base design... the outline part... and where to get it. Chris pointed me to Sew Forum.

Then, I added my hair clip project on the Projects board and got a lot of positive feedback on the ones I had made.

Well, I've sat here this morning, and created my own. Its a bit longer and wider.

My question is: If I wanted to upload what I created into the Designs by Cuties, would I be stepping on anyone's toes in doing so?

I just used some scraps of felt for this trial run.


by hightechgrammy 16 Jan 2012

I think, It's my opinion that when it is something so simple that can be just an outline of a common object like this, you are fine to share it. It can be easily recreated. Kind of like a circle - no one owns the copyright for a circle :-) But... I'm not an attorney! Unless you have done something unique with it, you won't "own" it either.

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starlizard by starlizard 16 Jan 2012


by starlizard 16 Jan 2012

Thanks, ya'll. Okay, I need to convert it to different formats so that everyone can snag it that wants it.

Imma workin on it.

by jacquipaul 16 Jan 2012

On some that were purchased, I found that they used a mesh/lace (on the back layer) and just slipped the metal clip in between and throuogh the lace. I suppose one could just cut a slit in the felt to make one also.
Thanks for thinking of us. I don't know the legal aspects, but some other Cuties will answer, I'm sure.

by keeponsewing 16 Jan 2012

Goodness I don't think so, I've been looking for a wider and a little longer clippie cover. I'd be first in line to d/l it. :) Thanks for thinking of it.

by michemb 16 Jan 2012

I would not think so, cuties are making up designs all the time,
my opinion, (for what it is worth)