by shilly 16 Jan 2012

Be warned: there is a dangerous virus floating around in cyberspace...


by drro 18 Jan 2012

Thanks for the warning!!!

by lflanders 18 Jan 2012

Some very crooked people will go any length to get access to your computer. Some will just screw up everything but others are in it to get ahold of personal info. Right now I am afraid to use my debit card on my machine. My son will place my orders on his computer and have it sent to mine. He places 90% of my orders from E.L. on Sunday evenings or if I go to his house on Sundays, I will
use his computer. He has it where I can sign in on his. I have a strange message that keeps popping up on mine when I shut it, I do not use mine for anything secure!

by bokkieborduur 18 Jan 2012

Thanks for warning. Hugs Marie

by cfidl 18 Jan 2012

The one I caught was called rootkit.zeroaccess and it installs itself into the tcip stack used for the internet and renames itself and reinstalls. It is a nightmare! Thankfully I have a cousin who gave me another machine... he says mine is fine, but he doesn't trust it, and I am starting to like this machine!

by danababes 18 Jan 2012

Uhh yep, if it's the same one you're referring to - another fake security virus - then grrr, I've just finished collecting all the tools to fix my daughter's lappy. Thankfully she's computer savvy & called me into her room before clicking on anything, but we had to shut down her lappy because of a storm (we were having power surges), so tomorrow it will be purged. She must have "allowed" the program in (perhaps clicked a suss link) which isn't at all like her, and it's odd that her antivirus didn't catch it. Sigh.

Be warned that it can ask you if you want to delete such & such a file because it's infected, but in reality it's not, and you may delete a system-critical file. If you get infected, go offline (as in off the internet) and get rid of the infection asap. xXx

by katydid 16 Jan 2012

how can you tell it from a real up date?

danababes by danababes 18 Jan 2012

It will nag you to buy it or register it .. its a scam to try to trick you into buying the cure .. urgh.

meganne by meganne 18 Jan 2012

Real updates are, by default, automatically downloaded onto your pc, unless you have blocked this windows option. Best rule of thumb: don't open ANYTHING unless it is from someone in your personal address list and even then you sometimes need to be careful.
If you have any doubts, before you open it, write to the sender and ask if they DID send it.

meganne by meganne 18 Jan 2012

If you have any doubts, before you open it, write to the sender and ask if they DID send it.

by ramona 16 Jan 2012

I can't imagine someone with the meaness in them to do something like this. They must have absolutely no life. Thanks for the heads up.

by edithfarminer 16 Jan 2012

Thanks for warning, I had that and also lucky too busy to do it. Frightening as it seems real

by chenille 16 Jan 2012

Oh my now that is scary!! Thanks!
Hugs, Nadyne

by bokkieborduur 16 Jan 2012

Thanks for warning Hugs Marie

by susiesembroidery 16 Jan 2012

Thanks for the warning.

by noah 16 Jan 2012

Thanks for the warning hugs and *******

by shilly 16 Jan 2012

It pretends to be a windows live update; can wipe out your hard drive- please be careful!

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mjdg by mjdg 16 Jan 2012

Yikes! I got one like that last week....was really busy and didn't want to bother with it......Whew!