by toogie ( edited 26 May 2014 ) 16 Jan 2012

Oh no! Another teepee! Cuties this is the one you helped with.Hope you are not too tired of them to give it a look see. 3 photos. 1 Cutie wanted to know size. It is 6foot6inches from side to side ,across inside bottom(my hallway is 5'6")The height is 70" when it is opened, with the inside center being 55" (the pipes stick up 15" above the teepee), although you cut the pvc pipes 84" and drill hoels 12" down from top. The deer is from Embroidery is free, forgot where the frame is from and the name is from Heartstrings. Fabric is rip stop from hancocks


by oaro 16 Jan 2012

another great job

by snowbird42 16 Jan 2012

Greatidea for alternative

by greysewist Moderator 16 Jan 2012

I wouldn't tire of seeing these. Your work on them is so impressive! No wonder you got an extra order ;)

by teun 16 Jan 2012

Das ist ein schönes Zelt

by capoodle 16 Jan 2012

There is a lot of room inside the tent. If I was a kid I would have wanted one instead of a sheet over the picnic table. lol

by shirlener88 16 Jan 2012

Great job - my son would have lived in one of these - had he had one and I would have allowed him to.

by bumblebee 16 Jan 2012

These teepes are so cool. Kids must love going in and out of the their own special place.
Looks great in camo.
Nice Deer

by lisachester 16 Jan 2012

Looks fabulous! Must hide this page or my kids might want one!! Did you use a pattern or make it up?

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toogie by toogie 16 Jan 2012

Pattern is Butterick 4251-Thanks-T

by castelyn 16 Jan 2012

Great job you did with the teepee's. I'm sure they just loved them. Hugs Yvonne

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toogie by toogie 16 Jan 2012

2 were for grand kids,(1 gets his in 2 weeks for his b-day and 1 was for Christmas) another was a Christmas gift for friends g-son and this 4th one was an order, so maybe I can get back some of my money I put out,hahaThanks Yvonne for looking-T

by toogie 16 Jan 2012

Inside measurements at top

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sewmom by sewmom 16 Jan 2012


by toogie 16 Jan 2012

Second close up Thanks again Cuties!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 16 Jan 2012

Looks wonderful.

loriziegler by loriziegler 13 Feb 2016

Adorable!! My friend just made her grandson one. She also took a pool floaty noodle and cut it into pieces. She then painted the pieces brown and red for the fire outside tent!!Kids loved it!!