by tbbender 11 Jan 2012

Looking for appliqued buildings??? I have a garage from stitchery mall, but would like to add a few other types of businesses on a car playmat.


by mjjust2ofus 12 Jan 2012

There is a great road map at It is called AT The Track.

by powagrl 12 Jan 2012

CassandrasEmbroidery has an ITH Road Mat series of 3 road mats. While the buildings, themselves, are not appliqued, the roads are. They are also on sale for 75% off.

by eggyannie 11 Jan 2012

buildings are simply childrens building blocks so cut out some shapes like squares,oblongs and triangles. and see what you can build if you do the shapes in card you can draw around them. use fusable stuff to bond to the background fabric and a small zig zag stitch to secure in place, you can embroider the shop names onto felt and stitch them in place too. get a child to help build the town.
annie in the uk