by nanabs 06 Jan 2012

One would think I could write something here without it coming up ASK. LOL Still can't seem to find my way around at times. Anyway I just renewed my subscription for the 6th time and am on cloud nine. can't wait to see what new designs come up next. Can't imagine why anyone wouldn't get a subscription. I love getting entire sets all at once insted of having to check each day to not miss one. Thanks Miss Veronica for everything. This is my favorite site. Hugs to all...


by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Jan 2012

Congratulations. I agree. Best money spend, but not everybody can justify the expense with the economy the way it is. Fortunately Miss Veronika gives out wonderful freebies and of course the capability to have a wonderful community available for us. If one can afford the membership it is worth the price and it supports the site. Angie

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nanabs by nanabs 06 Jan 2012

I agree Angie. I can only get mine back when it's on sale because of money being tight. I don't blame those who can't do it, been there myself. Hope people don't think I was ragging on them because it wasn't meant that way. times are so hard for everyone right now. I do love this site. Miss Veronica is the best not to forget all the wonderful cuties on here and all their help. *4U