by bumblebee 03 Jan 2012

ITH DOLL 4x4 by Martine:

Some of you may not have followed the story behind this doll. Bonnetgirl only has a 4x4 hoop and fell in love with Sue's test doll and asked where she could find a similar doll for her small hoop. She wants to make dolls for the little girls in hospice. So we asked and Martine amazingly came thru quicker than lightning with this cute doll. I'm sure others with small hoops may wish her as well. You can find her in projects with link to download at
Thanks Martine for such a lovely gift to
Cuties and little Girls.
Linda aka Bumblebee


by sewdeb 04 Jan 2012

I downloaded her this morning. She's adorable! Thanks Martine and Linda! Hugs and *'s, Deb

by lidiad 04 Jan 2012

I don't have little girls around me, unfortunately, but I have downloaded the doll design just in case.... Hugs, Lidia

by justsew 04 Jan 2012

Thank you.

by bonnetgirl 04 Jan 2012

I can't thank you all for all the help you have given me so that I can do this. I finished a doll tonight but still have to work with the hair. She is in projects. My friend is going to come up and help me design a dress or nightgown for this little gir. God Bless all that have made this possible.

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bumblebee by bumblebee 04 Jan 2012

I took a look and she is precious. Great Job.

by bumblebee 03 Jan 2012

Here is the link for the MOPS/Martine's doll

by drro 03 Jan 2012

Can you please post a link? Thanks!;>)

by bumblebee 03 Jan 2012

I downloaded her too. Some charities need smaller items to ship abroad and she fits the bill perfectly. Also, mini dolls are very popular.