by annafaye 02 Jan 2012

Help! I need designs for scissor holders, can anyone help. Thanks


by susiesembroidery 22 Feb 2012

Thank you for these lovely designs. I hope annafaye find what she requires.

by lilylady 22 Feb 2012


by bumblebee 02 Jan 2012

OK Here is a huge list of links.
The last link is the main links page for ITH Scissors
As you can see its extensive and I didn't replicate
all links. Again found it by using google search on
the main cuties page.
Just thought it would help the newbies.

dino by dino 02 Jan 2012

I have made almost all of these and most of them sold at a craft show.

annafaye by annafaye 02 Jan 2012

thank you so much for your time and energy in finding these designs, I know it is not an easy task. *4U

by sewdeb 02 Jan 2012

Here's what a search came up with - there are more, but this should get you started. Hugs and *'s, Deb

by lflanders 02 Jan 2012

Try designs by cuties right here on this site. We have one member that has provided several of them.