by 1961nancy 01 Jan 2012

Has anyone purshed designs for Embroidery Delight? I can not get them to download. I get a message saying corrupt are file missing.


by 1961nancy 03 Jan 2012

Thanks to all of you. Embroidery Delight resent the files and had me use Dropbox to open and save them. Now I need the time after school today to start stitching them out.

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babie by babie 04 Jan 2012

Glad you got sorted out.

by mooie24 02 Jan 2012

I Have purchased a couple of sets but through opw and had no problems she does have an excellent reputation so im sure your patience will be rewarded
big hugs - Maria xx

by lulu07 02 Jan 2012

I ordered and did not get 100% satisfaction...sorry to say..still had some designs I was not able to download..:(

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AnniefranToo by AnniefranToo 09 Feb 2012

Hi, I am The owner of Embroidery Delight and would like to apologize for the inconvenience when downloading your designs. That is the growing pains of developing a new website without any experience. I am not unaware of the download problems and that is why I am busy revamping my website to make it more user friendly. If you still were not able to download your designs, please let me know which designs it was and I will send you an intivation to join Dropbox and you can get your designs from there. I do know how frustrated it is if you want something immediately and can't get it immediately. Warm regards Annie -

by bnilla9241 02 Jan 2012

I agree, contact Annie and she will help with the problem very quickly!

Hope you can download soon!

Hugs, Bonnie

by babie 02 Jan 2012

Yes I have. I had no problem but can tell you the owner is a South African lady Annie Liebenberg who lives in the Randburg, Johannesburg area. I've e-mailed her in the past and her response is very quick and she is very helpful. I am sure she will come back to her if you contact her via the site. She is also on facebook.

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babie by babie 02 Jan 2012

Sorry meant to say she will come back to you.

by ramona 02 Jan 2012

Sending back ttt (to the top) in case another Cutie can help you.