by zoefzoef 01 Jan 2012

Hayhaywom just mentioned she is -probably- the youngest cutie at our side. Got me wondering.... Who is really the youngest and who is the oldest ? ,? (if you want to share your age ofcourse :-)

I'll start : I'm 43 years


by amazinggrace 03 Jan 2012

Well, I hit "Autumn" next month as I'll be 60 - going on 35! My kids have enjoyed my lack of mobility these last 12 months as they don't have to explain to their friends that the mad couple seen speeding along on the tandem belongs to them. It's only another number after all.

by sukira 03 Jan 2012

I'm 18 with 47 years experience. Life is good!...
Happy Birthday to all my friends at Cute. You guys keep me young. God bless you all and a Happy & Healthy New Year.

by meganne 03 Jan 2012

Well I turned 62 last August and if I don't stop having silly accidents I'll be lucky if I reach 63. LOL!!!

by designcrazy 03 Jan 2012

I turned 60 Oct. 2nd, I don't really feel that age, feel much younger and there are people that guess my age to be in the 30's or 40's. Now that really makes my day!!!!

by granniebea 03 Jan 2012

I am older than my teeth. If I was a car I would be a post war classic!
I am 60 in Nov, but feel younger on a good day.
My mum is 80.

by katulle 03 Jan 2012

Мне 37 .... или 2 жизни 18+ 18....хахаха...
как у кошки 9 жизней.....мне еще долго жить.
( Так говорит мой муж)

I am 37 .... or 2 life 18 + 18 .... hahaha ...
like a cat's 9 lives ..... I still long to live.
(So says my husband)

by bejoscha 03 Jan 2012

We have to feel very very young here!!!!!!WOW

by marietta 03 Jan 2012

I will be 61 in two weeks time.

by darmoola 03 Jan 2012

I just turned 57.

by snowbird42 03 Jan 2012

i'm 70 in february 2 boys i girl, 4 grandaughters 2 granddogs i grand cat and 1 2 grandbirds oh and a husband of nearly 50

by babsie 03 Jan 2012

I'm 72 and just bought myself a new expensive sewing machine which I hope to use for the next 20 years!!!! I bought the Bernina 550QE and are going to learn how to quilt this year. My Mom is 92, Dad passed away last year at 94 and my gran got to the ripe old age of 101, so God willing, I hope to learn and use the new machine!!

by airyfairy 03 Jan 2012

I live in Knysna, South Africa and I am 67 years young in April. Sarah.

by chennin 03 Jan 2012

I'm living in Somerset West in South Africa and I will be 65 on the 9th of January!

by bkay13 03 Jan 2012

I am 63 this year and married 42. I don't see any 20's yet, there has to be some speak up you newbees....

by starlizard 03 Jan 2012

Its 12:01 a.m., Jan. 3rd... I am 54 years and 1 day old.

bevgrift by bevgrift 03 Jan 2012

Happy Birthday! (for yesterday)Hope your day was wonderful.
hugs Bev

lflanders by lflanders 03 Jan 2012

I do hope you had a wonderful Birthday! Hugs, Linda

by scrappinhappie 02 Jan 2012

Will be 48 in March

by gigi70alvarran 02 Jan 2012

42 on march.:):)

by katydid 02 Jan 2012

here you go

airyfairy by airyfairy 03 Jan 2012

My MIL is 103 on 30th January!!!!

marietta by marietta 03 Jan 2012

Wonderful, hope she is well,and sees another few years. Love to her from me

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 03 Jan 2012

MIL (I guess mother in law ?) Does she sews too ? I would like to know the youngest and oldes cutie :-)

by chenille 02 Jan 2012

I just tuned in here. OMG I realized I will be 62 in Feb.!!:-) I just don't feel like 62....maybe55...LOL!
Hugs, Nadyne

by hogfan 02 Jan 2012

I enjoyed a great double nickle year and now on to 56 (Nov 23)! Been sewing since I was 7 years old wouldn't stop for anything.

by fannyfurkin 02 Jan 2012

Wow what a variety. I am 46, I will be 47 in March, but I plan on getting a whole lot younger this year with some healthy food and exercise and getting rid of some other bad habits.

by honeychyle 02 Jan 2012

I'll be 70 next month!

by namingit4u 02 Jan 2012

I am 39

by designgirl 02 Jan 2012

I am 63 and turn 64 in April. Three kids and seven grands. Married 46 years in April.

by nanniesara 02 Jan 2012

Just turned 61 in December.

by grandmamek 02 Jan 2012

I am 72 soon to be 73 in March.

by rmj8939 02 Jan 2012

72 and Mom is 95.

by vickiannette 02 Jan 2012

the big 60 this year for me..........Not over the hill, but high enough up to get nosebleeds!!

by marron1 02 Jan 2012

iam 55 56 in april i have been sewing for ever still love it i have 6 machines 2 sergers and 1 embroidery machine ,

by colonies1 02 Jan 2012

I'm 66 and in May 67

by colonies1 02 Jan 2012

I'm 66 and in May 67

by diamondfowler 02 Jan 2012

I'm 63 turn 64 in April and wishing I was the age of 65..I'm mother of three the grammy of 8 and have one dog and two granddogs..............Life is good!!

by babyred 02 Jan 2012

I am 59 and just became a great grandmother 1 month ago.

by nama2 01 Jan 2012

Just goes to show, no matter how young or old you are, you can still drive an embroidery machine! I am 54!

1 comment
kryztyna by kryztyna 02 Jan 2012

Yip and you don't need a licence :)

by gramsbear 01 Jan 2012

I actually am 69, but lately (last 2 yrs) Have felt about 96!!!

by olds 01 Jan 2012

I'm 72

by 1961nancy 01 Jan 2012

I just turned 51. You are going to have a long list.

by heyRay 01 Jan 2012

HA, hayhaywom

by heyRay 01 Jan 2012

im 13 (=

hayhaywon by hayhaywon 02 Jan 2012

you're fat.

hayhaywon by hayhaywon 02 Jan 2012

sorry that was my little brother...

by kryztyna 01 Jan 2012

Collectively we are as old as time itself. What a wealth of experience available right here. Congratulations to Hayhaywom for making use of today's technology to tap into this goldmine of information and the willingness of others to share. I am proud of our children and their children and their children too! Who said "keep your children off the web!!"? and..Did that include us, the old newbies?

by tmbache 01 Jan 2012

I will be 62 here in a matter of avery few days.
mother of 4
grandmother of 9
Greatgrandmother of 2 and 2 more in Feb or sooner.
Love each and evey one one of them they are the joy of my life.

by raels011 01 Jan 2012

I will be 64 in February and am the mother of 4, grandmother of 12 , greatgrandmother of 2 and another on the way

by hayhaywon 01 Jan 2012

hehe x)

by mary51 01 Jan 2012

I am 60 hope my eye sight will let me sew for many years to come.

by blueeyedblonde 01 Jan 2012

I am 60 yrs. young - 61 come Jan. 16. With now improved health from the last 3 yrs. I have some catching up to do! I don't feel like 60/61 and have been told by a youngster that I've gotten "the eye" even yet! lol

by lucypiwow 01 Jan 2012

lucy here (i think) i am 56 in march 31 ill be 57.yes i can count...also going on 200,braine wise havent sleepet in 30hr ./l/lucy

by almag 01 Jan 2012

76 in February.
Just celebrated our 54th Wedding Anniversary.
Am I old yet????


1 comment
greysewist by greysewist 01 Jan 2012

You'll never be 'old' Alma, if attitude and enthusiasm has anything at all to do with it!

by cottonboll 01 Jan 2012

gee i didn't old until I see the ages of you youngsters. I am 84 and still have that love of sewing.I have made lots of quilts,learned to knit,crochet and made cloths for my children when they were small ans still make my own clothes. It is really hard to find clothes for someone who is short without making them over to fit.I have 2 embroidery machines and it is still wonderful to watch what those machines will do.

by aussiequilter 01 Jan 2012

Im 59 .age dosnt worry me one bit ,I was born in England came to Australia with my parents in 1955,I have sewed sice I was 8 years old, I have had a great life,Im not going anywhere soon lol

by lbrow 01 Jan 2012

I'm in the 70s bunch. 73 to be exact and have lived several lifetimes in these 73 yrs. Have lived in Ga. ,Fl., New york, Calif., Miss., Ok. and Tn. I may have forgotten a few more. LOL Oh Ga. is my home state born and raised there, moving around was after marriage.Lillian

starlizard by starlizard 03 Jan 2012

I was born in Gwinnett County... Lawrencevill-Grayson-Snellville Triangle. LOL!

lflanders by lflanders 03 Jan 2012

I was Born and raised in Macon, Ga with a few yrs. spent in Meridian, Miss. Mom and Dad moved there when I was 3 months old. They sure were alot happier when they got back to Georgia with family closer! By the way, I turned 65 on Dec 26th! Some days I am just 65 but others (when arthritis is giving me a fit)I feel like the end is near. That came from a lifetime of being a gymnast and a sport fanatic. My Dad was a pro baseball player in his younger years and since I was an only child, I grew up with a baseball, bat and glove attatched to me, plus basketball and tennis until I was too old and hurt too bad to get on the court/field! I spent my grade school and high school yrs in a gym on the mats and bars. I was a fierce contender! NOW.... I am doing good if I can get up out of bed or a chair and walk through the house without some help.

lflanders by lflanders 03 Jan 2012

just 65 but most days, I feel like the end is near! I have been fighting crippling arthritis for 25 plus yrs. The good thing is, I can still live at home(alone) and function although I am slow!

by maobfh 01 Jan 2012


by babie 01 Jan 2012

49 won't turn it around.

by castelyn 01 Jan 2012

I'm 54 wish I could turn that around to 45 - You are as young as you feel, depends on the day. Hugs Yvonne

1 comment
greysewist by greysewist 01 Jan 2012

I'm catching up to you, Yvonne! Will be 54 shortly :)

by grossfamilie 01 Jan 2012

57 years now - 58 years after May 10 :-)

by lindalee757 01 Jan 2012

54...55 in July-omgosh, heading for double-nickels =O)

by ansalu 01 Jan 2012


by momofeight 01 Jan 2012

I am 71 and I still can't believe it

by debswebster 01 Jan 2012

Uhmmm, 56....I think - don't like to admit it though. If it wasn't for the aches and pains I'd swear time stopped when I was in my teens. :-()

by sewbadly 01 Jan 2012

For what it is worth... to this point, the average age is 59 3/4.... until we add in Hayhaywom then our average is 58 1/2.

I am 58 1/2.

debswebster by debswebster 01 Jan 2012

You go girl..

spendlove by spendlove 01 Jan 2012

That makes me average! (Without the youngster)

by read180 01 Jan 2012

I am older than my husband's aunt, but I am younger than his sister's. My students think I am in my 30's. My hips and knees are 6 years old, BUT I am really 59 and will turn 60 in Feb. and I happy to be me, because I am Cindy B

1 comment
greysewist by greysewist 01 Jan 2012

Good answer, Cindy B! My mum used to say she was 'as old as her tongue and a little bit older than her teeth'!

by hightechgrammy 01 Jan 2012

426 in Kitty years, but actually JUST nearly 62 :-) Jan

by bevintex 01 Jan 2012

This question makes me feel good. I don't see anyone in their 20's or even 30's. I feel I am in good company. lol

by bikermomfl 01 Jan 2012

I'm 63 and as my mother used to say 'it's better than the alternative!' The way I look at it I'll have to live forever since like the lottery if my numbers don't come up now don't let em come up later! ROTFLMAO

by claudenicolas 01 Jan 2012

I am 78, I am sure not the youngest

by tiply01 01 Jan 2012

I'm 44

by smithandsmith 01 Jan 2012

49................. 50 this May! :)

by janetedna 01 Jan 2012

I'm nearly 64. Not doing too badly. Jan

by dlonnahawkins 01 Jan 2012

67 and still feel younger at times....good health, and a husband that picks at me still like a teenager. LOL

by lehewj1 01 Jan 2012

I just turned 67 on Dec 29th.... some days I feel a lot younger and other days I feel a lot older... depending on the day.

by holly12 01 Jan 2012

I'm 66 will turn 67 in Oct of this year. Arlene

by justsew 01 Jan 2012

Im 61.

by dee 01 Jan 2012

I am 77 yrs. young ha ha damaris

by coachmenlemon 01 Jan 2012

I am 72.

by leenova54 01 Jan 2012

I am 57......some days I feel 75.

by katydid 01 Jan 2012

I just turned 69 and my sweet little Mom is hanging in there at 102.

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 01 Jan 2012

does your mum sew too ?? I yes; then she's in lead for the "youngest cutie"

grossfamilie by grossfamilie 01 Jan 2012

Wow - so we have to continue sewing and embroidering - it definitely keeps you young.
Congrats to you on having a 102 years young
mom. Love Maria

kryztyna by kryztyna 01 Jan 2012

Wow, can you imagine the changes this world has gone through in 102 years.. Bless you both

katydid by katydid 02 Jan 2012

My mother was a designer in her time and did not receive the recognition of today's designers. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and was so talented in her oil painting and sewing projects. She did have formal training in her art ,but no training ing in in her sewing abilities.

katydid by katydid 02 Jan 2012

just a post of a favorite oil painting that that my mom did many years ago.

by ansalu 01 Jan 2012

I'm 45 but never have the feeling that in 5 years I reach the middle of my life (if I reach the 100; don't wanna go for the 108 like Jopie Heesters ;o).
In my heart and mind I'm still so young that I go out at night once a week to my favorite club since 25 years and still some young guys wanna flirt with me *lol*.
Greetings, Bettina

leenova54 by leenova54 01 Jan 2012

Bettina, I thought you were closer to 35!

ansalu by ansalu 01 Jan 2012

Thank you sweetie. The smart young one last thursday made the same mistake *lol*

by sewjo 01 Jan 2012

I had my 80th Birthday in September.

by dino 01 Jan 2012

I'm 75 years old (but in my heart I'm still 25). My mind is willing, but my body just won't cooperate.

by terriweistra 01 Jan 2012

Soon to be 54 :)

by bevintex 01 Jan 2012

55 for now but will be 56 in Feb.

by mooie24 01 Jan 2012

I celebrated my 40th a couple of months ago which wasnt too bad.. but my eldest just celebrated her 21st she was a christmas baby and now I feel older lol.. my youngest shares my birthday and she was 6 so keeps me young lol
big hugs from London

by sissibrode 01 Jan 2012

I'm 48 ! Happy new year !!!

by spendlove Moderator 01 Jan 2012

Old enough to know better but too old to care. Or nearly 60 whichever you prefer!

1 comment
greysewist by greysewist 01 Jan 2012

The first one, definitely! LOL

by bokkieborduur 01 Jan 2012

I'm 65 and feel between 18 and 65 it only depends on the pain somedays. Love Marie

cutegirl by cutegirl 01 Jan 2012

Hi Marie, You will never say until the aces and pain hits you, then only you realise how old you are :) :) Enjoy being young, hugs Geeta

bokkieborduur by bokkieborduur 02 Jan 2012

Thanks Geeta, how are you.

by 02kar Moderator 01 Jan 2012

Hehe, my body tells me i am 60, my brain 19 and my spine 90. I think I am very mixed up.

by thecraftycritter 01 Jan 2012

Just made 68.

by marthie 01 Jan 2012

I am 59 for a few months more. My hair started to turn grey and I am so proud of it. I have earned every one so far.

by mysew1325 01 Jan 2012

I am 69 and my mother is 96..

nannynorfolk by nannynorfolk 01 Jan 2012

Oh wow :)

kryztyna by kryztyna 01 Jan 2012

What a treasure to have your Mom. Bless you both

justsew by justsew 02 Jan 2012

I remember when I was a little girl sat watching my Mum sew, it was a hand machine, I just wanted a chance to have a go, wish was here today to see my embroidery machines. Hugs Pam.

by aleene 01 Jan 2012

64 years here and love all the things I get to do. To be able to move and have a brain that is still learning is a plus.

by cutegirl 01 Jan 2012

I'm 53 years but I feel 35 besides the aces and pains which brings me back to my age!! Hugs Geeta

marthie by marthie 01 Jan 2012

Geeta there is a saying: when you are over 50 and you wake up one morning without any aches and pains YOU ARE DEAD

bokkieborduur by bokkieborduur 01 Jan 2012

Well well well, this is an easy way to go. Marie

bevintex by bevintex 01 Jan 2012

and what doesn't hurt doesn't work. lol

by catwoman123 01 Jan 2012

I am 48

by nannynorfolk 01 Jan 2012

I'm 57 (but 18 in mind only )- hahaha

by michemb 01 Jan 2012

A young (or sometimes old) 54 years.

by devon 01 Jan 2012

I am 42 getting ready to turn 43. :-)) DeVon

katydid by katydid 01 Jan 2012

You are my daughter's age.

holly12 by holly12 01 Jan 2012

Mine too. Arlene

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 01 Jan 2012

You're just a kitten1

airyfairy by airyfairy 03 Jan 2012

My eldest daughters age too

by kryztyna 01 Jan 2012

I think I have answered this...I'm 57 hehehe. We got 2 going here

1 comment
zoefzoef by zoefzoef 01 Jan 2012

Yes I noticed it too. I think it is cos sometimes I click twice on submit and then this happens . Sorry. It would be nice if we could earase these mistakes. Don't think we can, can we ?

by askmcv 01 Jan 2012

I'm 60...and proud of it :)

1 comment
roberta by roberta 02 Jan 2012

I'm 59 and will be a great grandmother for the 1st time this June. Roberta