by cclark 31 Dec 2011

Happy New Years everyone! If you are celebrating away from home be careful in your travels. There will be a lot of stupid folks out there tonight.

Charla - who is celebrating at home by a bonfire.


by ramona 31 Dec 2011

Also wanted to say.....Charla that sounds like an absolutely wonderful evening. I would love that!! We will be staying home as well.

by ramona 31 Dec 2011

Thank you and Happy New Year to you as well!!

by shirlener88 31 Dec 2011

Happy New Year Charla - it is only 9:40 AM here - we will not be traveling out - Rick hasn't been out of the house in more than 3 months - let alone off the couch - don't think he will go out tonight either. Hehehe!

by nannynorfolk 31 Dec 2011

Happy New Year Charla - i would celebrate with you by the bonfire- but- alas i have been called into work :(
Have a Good 2012 - hugs Marie

by kryztyna 31 Dec 2011

Happy New year too, Charla. Love Christine, celebrating at home with my dear cat, my long time friend. I hope the fireworks are kept to a very very minimum. She is a fine old Lady and she is very fearful of the noise. My beloved kids are out celebrating. To the crazies out there, we love you too, take care of yourselves so our precious ones can come home safely.