by mooie24 30 Dec 2011

Celtic Christmas Tree skirt, the photos just dont do it the justice it deserves.. an item I have been wanted to create for the last 4 years but just could not settle on designs until I came across these celtic christmas designs from graceful earlier in the year. I entered a competiton there and Im thrilled to say my Tree skirt won which amazed me :-)I used ivory and gold satin throughout with matt gold, metalic gold, white and green threads to co-ordinate with my tree.

The designs run like a dream.
Hope you enjoy my little creation
Big hugs from London - Maria xx


by blueeyedblonde 05 Jan 2012

This is gorgeous!

by bumblebee 02 Jan 2012

Very preety.

by noah 02 Jan 2012

loveeeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttt:):)hugs

by askmcv 02 Jan 2012

Beautiful work, Maria. The choice of colours and fabrics makes it very elegant, indeed!

by lbrow 31 Dec 2011

Gorgous Maria. Stunning work. Just beautiful/Lillian

by ramona 31 Dec 2011

Absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations on your win!

by dday 31 Dec 2011

Beautiful, you did a nice job.

by lidiad 31 Dec 2011

Wow! It's magnificent, no wonder that you won the competition! Hugs, Lidia

by flomacm 31 Dec 2011

Wow!! This is stunning. I understand about pictures not doing something justice, but...WOW! Bravo!

by holly12 31 Dec 2011

This is beautiful. You should have won. Arlene

by janiceguidroz 31 Dec 2011

This is gorgeous!!! Wish it was mine. lol Great job!

by cutegirl 31 Dec 2011

This is so beautiful, well done, thanks for sharing, Happy New Year. Hugs Geeta

by lulu07 31 Dec 2011

This was truly worth the wait, it is beautiful..I am sure it will be wonderful to pull out in future Christmases and will certainly be an heirloom for the family...thanks for sharing.

by keeponsewing 31 Dec 2011

It's beautiful Maria. I hope you don't mind my copying it and sending a picture to my daughter on FB? I will put it on my "Sew Crafty Me" FB where others can it. Or if you are on FB got to Sew Crafty Me and click like and then show it on there for me. We have a lot of Irish dancer families that would truly love to see this. Thanks again for showing it. I'll wait for your response before I do anything. :) Hugs, Terre

mooie24 by mooie24 01 Jan 2012

thats fine Terre :-)
Big hugs form London
Maria xx

keeponsewing by keeponsewing 02 Jan 2012

Thanks Maria, you can see it on Sew Crafty Me FB. :)

by sigrun 31 Dec 2011

So lovely - great work

by castelyn 31 Dec 2011

Maria, you did a wonderful job. It looks stunning. Hugs Yvonne

by muflotex 31 Dec 2011

awe....some, no wonder you won

by rmj8939 31 Dec 2011

How beautiful.

by bejoscha 31 Dec 2011

The skirt is absolutely beautiful, well done!

by lique 31 Dec 2011

Absolutely beautiful!

by bonnetgirl 31 Dec 2011

Now this is so lovely. I can surely see why it won.

by laffma1 30 Dec 2011

Wow!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!! You did a magnificant job putting this together. It's no wonder your project won the competition. Congratulations.

by coachmenlemon 30 Dec 2011

The skirt is beautiful and I can see why you won.

by shirlener88 30 Dec 2011

Maria, this is lovely.

by capoodle 30 Dec 2011

It is gorgeous and glad you won.

by mysew1325 30 Dec 2011

this is stunning... A winner..

by michemb 30 Dec 2011

wow, this is very nice, I have these designs and bought them to do just what you did. Did not have time this year but it is a must for next xmas. You did a super job. love it

by auntydee 30 Dec 2011

That is stunning. Shame to cover it in presents!!