by dday 26 Dec 2011

Wow! you have made my garden 1000 flowers. Thank you. NEED help I seen fsl tea light covers now I can't find them. Thanks again


by jofrog2000 28 Dec 2011

Here are 2 places to look. I just googled machine embroidery, and then did an advanced search using fsl + tea lights for criteria. I am sure you can find more this way.

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dday by dday 28 Dec 2011

Thank you these are very pretty I have not seen these before.

by danababes 28 Dec 2011

I found one on SewForum for you, still looking for more :) xXx

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dday by dday 28 Dec 2011

Thank you this is what I had in mind.

by lidiad 27 Dec 2011

Congratulations and welcome to Cute! As justonlyme has written, you will find beautiful FSL light covers in, where you can find a plain one as a freebie. Just click on the Free Designs button on the left side of the screen. They have many free, beautiful designs. Hugs, Lidia

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dday by dday 27 Dec 2011

Thank you that is very nice but larger than the tea light cover.

by justonlyme 27 Dec 2011

Are you talking about the luminaries? I downloaded some from sewforum and there are also a few in
They work great. I used a glass jar to wrap the embroidery around so that there was NO chance of it coming in to contact with the flame. It made a great hostess gift for a Christmas party!! Good luck.

by shirlener88 26 Dec 2011

CONGRATULATIONS, I can't help you on the FSL tea light covers.

by dino 26 Dec 2011

Sewforum has a couple. Just do a search for light reflectors.

dday by dday 26 Dec 2011

Thank you

dday by dday 26 Dec 2011

I tryed sewforum it didn't find any for me.