by elenu 10 May 2008

Just had a thought that maybe all you 'Cuties' might be interested in a UK web craft sight:-
The only thing a little different perhaps, is that it takes all crafts.


by pafhen 10 May 2008

Thanks I love to browse

by shirlener88 10 May 2008

Jean, thank you - *4U

by raels011 10 May 2008

Thanks will check it out *4U

by claudenicolas 10 May 2008

can you explain me what is craft sight, and what i can find on this site?

raels011 by raels011 10 May 2008

craft is things you can do with your hands Like making cards, sewing, art

elenu by elenu 10 May 2008

Go to the web site Claudenicholas and all will be explained - hope you enjoy it.

by anna25775 10 May 2008

thank you so much for sharing elenu! I'm also a crafter and I found some nice ideas there so I'll be going back. bunch of spring flowers for you

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elenu by elenu 10 May 2008

Happy that you enjoyed your visit AQnna25775.

by ruthie 10 May 2008

Looks interesting elenu, thanks, I do just about all crafts so I'm sure I can find something for me there. Hugs and a flower sweetie.

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elenu by elenu 10 May 2008

That sounds good Ruthie, hope you enjoy your visit.