by louisecockeran 23 Dec 2011

Hi Cuties, while I was busy with some last emergency embroidering the thread broke and since then there is no tension and I can't finish. It is my first Christmas with an embroidery machine and I had some late request from friends and family for towels and facecloths by now ...... I want to cry!!!


by shirlener88 23 Dec 2011

Ihope by now - you have it fixed and are stiching away. Everyone else has suggested - what I would say - so I am wishing you a Merry Christmas and please know that happens to all of us - at one time or another - my machine was screeching the other day - the most horrible noise.

by michele921 23 Dec 2011

try either using a dollar bill or nonwax dental floss and running it through your tension disc, sometimes this helps, when that failed for me I called my dealer and he told me to blow are through it he also stated to blow in direction of the thread. make sure not to blow into the machine. Hope some of these ideas help

by bettytaylor 23 Dec 2011

Forgot to ask, are you using bobbin thread or reg. embroidery thread in your bobbin? Still think it's the bobbin, CHANGE YOUR BOBBIN, GET A NEW ONE. If that works, make sure to get rid of the thread on the bobbin that would not work. I have a Brother and this happened to me when I was new to embroidery. As soon as I started using BOBBIN THREAD, that tangling of the bobbin stopped. Hope this works, Betty

by cfidl 23 Dec 2011

PLease give us an update. We do not like our Cuties stressed out so much! Breathe!

by susiesembroidery 23 Dec 2011

Maybe your upper tension rod broke. Then I would suggest that you pull your thread up sharply until it clicks, then bring it down through the hoop and make sure it clicks again. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 23 Dec 2011

Sorry, have you phoned your dealer? They may have something that you can do in an emergency.**

by bettytaylor 23 Dec 2011

Try taking the bobbin out and cleaning the housing of the bobbin. Try another bobbin thread as this one may be too tightly wound after it got tangled. Try a new needle. What kind of machine do you have? Did you see the little screw on your bobbin casing? Did it get moved when you were cutting. That is your tension screw. Is there any clump of threads on the back of your design. Look at everything. Sometimes it's easier to walk away and come back later and just start over.

by linda8450 23 Dec 2011

Oh, hate it when that happens! Try turning the machine off and restarting (if you adjusted the design in the hoop, make sure to make a note of the changes first). Rethread as Betty suggested, make sure you don't have shreadded thread up inside...just try anything you wouldn't ordinarilly do. Good Luck, Linda

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louisecockeran by louisecockeran 23 Dec 2011

I took everything out the thread was wounded around the bobbin so I had to cut it lose, I did'n notice there was no tension and just rethread and went on and then it was when the thread wound around the bobbin

by bettytaylor 23 Dec 2011

Did you try taking the thread out and rethreading your machine? Sometimes when the thread breaks, it goes askew in your machine. Should be something simple. Good luck and welcome to Cute Embroidery. Betty

louisecockeran by louisecockeran 23 Dec 2011

Thanks Betty I took it out opened on the side and looked for a little piece of thread but can't see anything. I rethreaded it a million times ... nothing

rachap by rachap 23 Dec 2011

Can you take your bobbin casing out If you did,You might have disturbed the way it is settled down in there.Try starting completely over--again.The other thing is that sometimes the upper thread isn't throught the tension discs be sure your feed dog is up when you thread the machine. It might help is you told what kind/model machine you have someone with that particular one can probably walk you through what needs to be done.