by toetoe 22 Dec 2011

Penguin Help! I thought I downloaded a free applique penguin with sunglasses on and a sun shining behind his shoulder, but can't find him. I downloaded him this past, but can't remember the site. Anyone? Help? I have big plans for him for Christmas if I can find him. Thanks all.


by ansalu 23 Dec 2011

He is really cute your little penguin ;o)
Thanks for this website. Didn't see it before...
Merry xmas

by cfidl 22 Dec 2011

I just saw it. when I find it tomorrow, I'll be back! Merry Christmas and Blessings throughout the New Year! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

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by ansalu 22 Dec 2011

Maybe from sewforum or "land of 1000stitches"? For both you have to register. Problem is that "land of 1000stitches" has closed not long ago. On sewforum I had 166 hits with the word "Pinguin" (maybe more with Penhuin?).
Another source is They have a big freebie-area (dl 3 per week without purchase).
Good luck :o)

by philippa 22 Dec 2011

Maybe you will find something on this site that will do instead. Have you tried the search facility on your computer - it usually finds what I have lost!

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toetoe by toetoe 22 Dec 2011

My husband suggested looking through internet history thanks to your suggestion
and I found design. I didn't recognize the rar I know. http://nikolinas-embroidery-desig...

by edithfarminer 22 Dec 2011

I am pretty sure it was here from adorableapplique

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toetoe by toetoe 22 Dec 2011

The penguin I'm looking for was on a site you had to sign into to do the download. The penguin had sunglasses on and was facing forward. Adorableapplique was a nice try, but none of the penguins have sunglasses on. Thanks you though.