by designcrazy 20 Dec 2011

Well, I' not gewtting any last minute Christmas sewing done. My husband went into hospital late Sun. evening with a collasped lung. We just got home a little while ago. Gotta go back early tomorrow morning for another X-ray then to the Dr. office. We should've just stay the rest of the night there again! So, I'm about to go to bed!!! Goodnight all you Cuties


by designcrazy 21 Dec 2011

Thanks everyone for your thoughts & prayers. Husband got a good report @ dr. appointment, his lung is staying inflated even after removing the tube last night. There's like a 10% chance of it collasping again. No, he had not been sick, we don't know why it happened, we can't think of anything that might have caused it to collaspe. He is not a smoker, has never smoked, but did grow up with parents that did and also worked in an office for years with men that smoked. So, dr. thinks second hand smoke could be the husband first hospital stay.

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bokkieborduur by bokkieborduur 21 Dec 2011

Jane I am so glad that everything went OK with your hubby. I will keep you in my prayers.Merry Christmas for both of you. Hugs Marie

by read180 21 Dec 2011

Sorry to hear about your husbands illness. I shall pray for a speedy recovery. Cindy B.

by leenova54 21 Dec 2011

So sorry to hear that, collapsed lungs are very painful. Hope he is feeling better soon!

by bumblebee 21 Dec 2011

Hope all goes well but do get the rest.
Linda aka Bumblebee

by clawton 21 Dec 2011

Sorry to hear about your husband. Hope all turns out ok and they find out what the problem is.

by shirlener88 21 Dec 2011

Jane, I am so sorry to hear that - any time something like this happens - it is difficult to deal with - but when it is around such a big Holiday - it is so stressful - I will be praying for you and your husband.

by beatie58 21 Dec 2011

Hope all is ok! thoughts are with you and yours! Hugs Sally

by justonlyme 21 Dec 2011

That is terrible, and disturbing at the same time. Was your husband sick beforehand, or did this just happen out of the blue? I hope that your husband recovers quickly and you don't wear out in the process. Christmas can wait. We've postponed ours as late as July before when things get crazy. Good luck with the whole ordeal and don't stress yourself to the point of getting sick. That wouldn't be helpful to anyone. Take care of YOU as much as you take care of HIM!!! Take it from someone who has learned the hard way!

by pennifold 21 Dec 2011

Well Jane, I do hope he is on the mend and that you will all be able to be with family and friends for your Christmas festivities. I pray that all will go well tomorrow morning for the X-ray. Love and blessings Chris

by greysewist Moderator 21 Dec 2011

Well! It's not as if this period isn't stressful enough -you really didn't need that, either of you. I'm sure he's in the best care right now and hopefully you can heave a sigh of relief and not dwell too much on Christmas until this time next year when it'll hopefully be a distant memory of a challenging time of the distant past. Best wishes for you both.

by lidiad 21 Dec 2011

A prayer and a big hug to you and your Hubby!

by capoodle 20 Dec 2011

Praying you are able to get some rest tonight and a favorable diagnosis in the morning.

by cfidl 20 Dec 2011

Good Thoughts and Prayers to you this holdiay week, hope all is OK in the morning.

by drro 20 Dec 2011

Praying for recovery and sustained good health for you and your hubby. (Just give out IOU's--you have a bigger need than sewing!)