by dlmds 18 Dec 2011

I went to "Projects" again this morn. I love all the beautiful Christmas projects all of you are stitching out...they are so fun to see and they help me feel more of the Christmas spirit. I gave each of you a flower. Thanks all!!


by michemb 18 Dec 2011

They are definetly alot of talented cuties around the world, great that everyone shares,

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dlmds by dlmds 19 Dec 2011

You are very right...wish I was half as talented. It is all the sharing that helps make "Cute" such a wonderful place to be. H&*

by dlonnahawkins 18 Dec 2011

Where are your projects? Or, please come to my house and HELP ME!!!! Hugs

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dlmds by dlmds 19 Dec 2011

The Christmas spirit is in my heart...however with all my health problems over the last 8 months I have not made any Christmas projects to share. I would love to beable to help you if I could. H&*