by dididwiar 18 Dec 2011

Can anyone tell me how to get a design if I know the design number. Still trying to get Mrs Santa as she chunky dunks to finish my tea towels.


by dididwiar 18 Dec 2011

Yes!!! FANTASTIC!!! I have what I need and more! Thankyou so VERY MUCH. I will save these links for future reference. Now I can finish my teatowels!! Merry Christmas.

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ansalu by ansalu 18 Dec 2011

Glad I could help you :o)

by ansalu 18 Dec 2011

Hello and welcome at Cute,
here you find most of the designs for xmas in DBC (you can find the link in the mastercatalog). I pushed the part with the naughty santas at the top for you. Hope your machine is running now ;o)
Greetings, Bettina
PS: I also posted the link to the mastercatalog. I'm sure this is very useful for all newbies *lol*

by askmcv 18 Dec 2011

try this:

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dididwiar by dididwiar 18 Dec 2011

Thank you so much!!! You wouldn't happen to know where the 4x4 is would you? At least I have this and I will try to resize. Thanks again soo... much. Merry Christmas.