by tbbender 17 Dec 2011

Does anyone know the site which you search over the town and find the hidden designs and download? I believe there was 25 designs and it was fun to look for them.


by sewemb 17 Dec 2011

It sounds like the one at Heavenly Inspirations but this years is Santa Claus, click on free gifts and tuts

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tbbender by tbbender 20 Dec 2011

Thanks, this is it!

by ansalu 17 Dec 2011

Was this some kind of advents-calender? Here in Germany we have just 24doors but we have gift giving at the evening of the 24th :o)
Greetings, Bettina
PS: Have only see that form PNW (it is a xmastree) and a german with a house and brick wall. has a special-offer every day.

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tbbender by tbbender 20 Dec 2011

Thank you, I will check those sites to!
Merry Christmas from Ohio, USA