by mel08 13 Dec 2011

Made this for a buddy, who is really a rocket scientist/engineer/inventor, but he is also known to us as a Mad Scientist. LOL

The design is from Urban Threads...another very good design company.

Black apron...real GOLD thread (yes, and wow is it expensive!)


by lidiad 14 Dec 2011

You have chosen the perfect design for your buddy! Real gold thread? That's why it's so expensive. What brand is it? Hugs, Lidia

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mel08 by mel08 14 Dec 2011

I've had the thread for about 10 years. It came from a friend that did high end over the top embroidery...stuff that costs many hundred of $$ to do. I have just a bit left for 3 more projects and wanted to replace it and found s similar type by Floriani. Depending on the kind of metallic it ranges from $15 to over $20 a small spool (1100 yards).

by devon 13 Dec 2011

great work, well done

by shirlener88 13 Dec 2011

Very nice work.

by noah 13 Dec 2011

lol i think there is a lot of those around lol

by sboo 13 Dec 2011

Looks great.

by mysew1325 13 Dec 2011

very neat... I like it alot..

by bumblebee 13 Dec 2011

I really like it- it looks like frosting LOL

by sdrise 13 Dec 2011

Great Job he will be impressed! SUZANNE

by capoodle 13 Dec 2011

That is a nice design and looks dimensional. I use my gold thread sparingly.

by oaro 13 Dec 2011

very interesting design

by Darby 13 Dec 2011

Wird scentis!!!! It's fun fresh and full of zing zap pow!!!!

by shilly 13 Dec 2011

Their designs are really interesting; that one is great!

by bonita1313 13 Dec 2011

Love the script font!

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 13 Dec 2011

Great to see your photo!