by arsenio 11 Dec 2011


I want the site where it showed how to clean the machine inside. The site was posted few days ago. I have all threads tangled under the Threader Take Up Lever. It has become a black nest and I cannot use the Janome MC 9500. the Technician comes home from Bombay, only services and opens removes the threads and do not remove the threads tangled up inside. I wonder if he knows about it. It is India. Things happen in India.things are sold and there is not proper service available.

Thank you. God bless. Bernadette de Souza.


by eastwitch2 12 Dec 2011

Try this link

by eastwitch2 12 Dec 2011

Try this link

by tilde01 12 Dec 2011

Thank you for asking this question and for those that gave the link. I think the information on this site could be adapted to other machines as well. *4 all.

by marlakay 12 Dec 2011

I think this is the link you are looking for.

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gdsteliga by gdsteliga 12 Dec 2011

Thank you. This looks like a good one to bookmark.

God bless

by danababes 12 Dec 2011

I'm not sure I read the post you're referring to but I do know of a site which is really helpful if you need to service your own machine: Anns' ULT Fix It, was this the link you needed? :) xXx

leenova54 by leenova54 12 Dec 2011

This link doesn't work :(

jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 12 Dec 2011

try the link marlakray has given - worked a treat for me

danababes by danababes 12 Dec 2011
sorry, didn't realise I'd typed it wrong .. oops lol

danababes by danababes 12 Dec 2011

hrm links dont work when adding comments, eh? /UltFixit.html after the .com anyway :) xXx