by raseitz 06 Dec 2011

Here it is....the daisy H ....5-6 months later, but I'm finally happy with it :) Thanks to everyone for your suggestions

and ideas and methods for digitizing in Embird.


by drro 08 Dec 2011

Yea! Sorry you need to redo is very colorful!

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raseitz by raseitz 08 Dec 2011

thanks mom :)

by raseitz 06 Dec 2011

reasons to use scrap fabric when testing out a creation.....the right stem/support is an area...not a column. I hate how it looks. I'll have to redo it before I make her make-up bag. lemme know if anyone wants a copy of it :)

by blueeyedblonde 06 Dec 2011

looks good!

by noah 06 Dec 2011

look cool lol hugs carolyn