by sewfrenzie 03 Dec 2011

One down, one to go! My little 5 yr old granddaughter has been begging her mother for a Hello Kittie hat, do you think she can wait until next Saturday when we have our Christmas get together? I have to make two because she told my 6 yr old granddaughter grandma was making her a Hello Kittie hat all matter of factly. She got the idea when she was begging her mom for one and I asked her mom "Do you think I could find a pattern to make them with?" I didn't think she heard me, lol! Surprise! She did, lol! So I knew I had to figure out how to make one and Since she bragged to the other one I knew one would not make me a favorite grandma, lol! So two it is!



by blueeyedblonde 07 Dec 2011

Nice job - they'll love them! It seems they are quite the rage right now, even with older kids!

by sewdeb 05 Dec 2011

Oh, how sweet! Great job, Grandma! And your comment of the one GD overhearing your question about the pattern reminded me of my own grandma who would often warn, "shhhh, little pitchers have big ears" when she didn't want what was being said heard by us kids. *'s for all

by designcrazy 05 Dec 2011

Cute! May I ask where did you get the pattern for the hat? Is it sewn or crocheted? I saw hats like this while shopping. They are SEW CUTE for children!!!!

by sigrun 04 Dec 2011

This is cute

by tauberschmitt 04 Dec 2011

super würde sich mein Enkel auch freuen

by ermaplatt 04 Dec 2011

i like it better than the ones i have seen in the store. nicely done

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sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 04 Dec 2011

Thank You! I know they will be well liked my the granddaughters. Both my daughters say everytime the girls see them they ask for one, lol!

by mops Moderator 04 Dec 2011

Very nice, she'll love it!

by kathyflores 03 Dec 2011

Nice !!! All little girls love Hello Kitty , my grandgaughter just loves her, wish i had time.

by anitapatch 03 Dec 2011

Very nice. She will love to wear it

by tippi 03 Dec 2011

So cute. They will love them.

by noah 03 Dec 2011

yep they will love them:):)hugs

by olds 03 Dec 2011

What lucky young ladies. I know you enjoy doing for
them. The hat is adorable! olds/Maureen

by oaro 03 Dec 2011

this look great

by christracey 03 Dec 2011

This looks great. I'm sure you can get the second one done with no troubles after getting the first one made.

by gigi70alvarran 03 Dec 2011

Wow very nice.:):)

by smburt 03 Dec 2011

How very cute. They'll love their Hello Kitty hats. I saw a teen wearing a Hello Kitty hat the other day. So i know these will be a hit.

by mrsa 03 Dec 2011

SO nicely done! She will love it and so will every other little girl that sees her wearing it!

by bluedaisy 03 Dec 2011

You did a fabulous job! I bet you get many hugs for this one!!!

by capoodle 03 Dec 2011

It is so cute. My daughter had many things with the Hello Kitty design when she was young.

by shirlener88 03 Dec 2011


by lindalee757 03 Dec 2011

Great job, so cute! although I am getting burnt out on Hello Kitty-my daughter has an order for 50 crochet ones-she begged mom into helping her get them finished-I have to sew on the eyes,ears, noses and whiskers for her.

by bumblebee 03 Dec 2011

I love Hello kitty. Your hat is great!

by lidiad 03 Dec 2011

Little people know how to get what they want, don't they???? LOL It's very cute!

by patsy28 03 Dec 2011

It is tooooooooo cute! Besure and post a picture of them wearing these hats! We want to see those cuties!