by vtwolf 01 Dec 2011

Has anyone ever stitched out designs from

The designs are all free.
Thank You


by bokkieborduur 04 Dec 2011

All the designs that I did stitiched out beautiful. No complain. Marie

by amazinggrace 04 Dec 2011

All his designs have stitched out well for me. Sadly I can't do the lace Nativity as it's too big for my hoop.

by sewdeb 03 Dec 2011

I had forgotten all about this site. Thanks for the reminder. *'s for all

by louisecockeran 03 Dec 2011

I just did the lace bear and it is beautiful

by marietta 03 Dec 2011

I have done the entire Nativity scene, and it stitched out beautifully, also the Christmas decorations stitched out beautifully.

by catsnhorses 03 Dec 2011

I have stitched out most of their FSL angels, and all have turned out beautifully. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

by cfidl 03 Dec 2011

I did an angel, and she is beautiful, I hope to do the entire nativity scene. Very Nice! Live Laugh Download Stitch

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vtwolf by vtwolf 04 Dec 2011

Thank You, I can't wait to try some.

by mumzyfarm 03 Dec 2011

Thanks I am going to stitch out one to see how it works.

by kryztyna 03 Dec 2011

Thanks new one for me!!

by justonlyme 03 Dec 2011

I forgot about that site. Thank you for reminding me. I've stitched out some of the FSL and it worked beautifully. I'll have to browse through again. Looks like much more than was there when I last visited.

by mariya159 02 Dec 2011


by asterixsew Moderator 02 Dec 2011

Yes a long time ago, I have just had a look and the site has had a update

by blueeyedblonde 02 Dec 2011

Thanks - really cute designs!

by zoefzoef 02 Dec 2011

thank you !

by jacquipaul 02 Dec 2011

Wonderful designs.
Thank you;
Jacqueline †

by castelyn 02 Dec 2011

Hi there, I have used a number of his designs. They all stitched out beautifully. Hugs Yvonne

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vtwolf by vtwolf 02 Dec 2011

Thank You

by muflotex 02 Dec 2011

hope this works for you

louisecockeran by louisecockeran 02 Dec 2011

Thank you very much it worked!! Hugs Louise

muflotex by muflotex 02 Dec 2011

you'r welcome 8-)

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 02 Dec 2011

thanks for the link!

by louisecockeran 02 Dec 2011

Hi everyone can someone please give the link of this site because when I type in it doesn't work. Thank you

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vtwolf by vtwolf 02 Dec 2011

Sorry, I guess I don't know how to add a link.

by gramsbear 01 Dec 2011

I have used several of his designs, and they did fine. I really love the one chubby little FSL Angel he offers. It stiched out great and last Christmas I made several of them for gifts. Hope this helps.Hugs, Judy

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vtwolf by vtwolf 02 Dec 2011

Thank You.

by noah 01 Dec 2011

i have a few and they turned out ok for me hugs carolyn

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vtwolf by vtwolf 01 Dec 2011

Thank You