by softhearted1 01 Dec 2011

I'M FRUSTRATED! Tripped over the dog going down the stairs last week, at the last step, landed on outside of ankle and heard the "SNAP", hurt like the dickens! Can't get up to my sewing loft, hubby keeps warning me to not event THINK about it!! Sigh, all those projects, just waiting..


by blueeyedblonde 02 Dec 2011

Oh, that really hurts! I broke my arm just over 3 yrs ago - broke it about 2 inches from the top and it also did a 180 degree turn - 9 screws and a plate later. I fell from the 4th step up (still not sure just what happened) - landed on the top side of my arm, so it took all the force of the fall.
Hope you heal fast.

by kttyhwk4 02 Dec 2011

Yikes...I know that hurt. Please do like your DH says so your ankle will heal properly. Maybe from time to time he could help you get up the stairs.
The projects may have to wait for a while...sorry.

by dlonnahawkins 02 Dec 2011

Oh what a time of the year to do that. I fell going up the stairs during the summer, and threw my should out - it still gives me problems at times. Please take care. All of your crafty things will wait on you.

by theduchess 02 Dec 2011

Hope you get better soon.Glad it's not something worse.

by cfidl 02 Dec 2011

I hope you heal quickly and get back to what yo love. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by castelyn 02 Dec 2011

Charlotte, so sorry to hear that you have hurt yourself. I am also so afraid of tripping over my puppy(Jessica). She always seems to be at my feet.
Sorry that you can't get on with your projects. Look after yourself and I hope your ankle gets better soon. Hugs Yvonne

by terriweistra 02 Dec 2011

Oh dear, I hope you are soon on your way upstairs again!!!! I have damaged my achilles tendon and am also struggling to get around, fortunately for me my home is on one level so i can hobble.

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softhearted1 by softhearted1 02 Dec 2011

Hope you feel better soon :)

by airyfairy 01 Dec 2011

OUCH - just get better soon.

by justonlyme 01 Dec 2011

You didn't say what happened with the "snap". I've broken bones and torn my Achilles tendon. I would vote for the broken bones if I had a choice...they heal much faster. I hope yours was just something that holds you back for a tiny bit of time rather than something huge and long term. Get well fast. I hate stairs!!!

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softhearted1 by softhearted1 02 Dec 2011

Snap could of been either. I ripped the tendons and fractured the ankle. My sister told me "When I do a job, I do a good one!" Ther was just a lil sarcastic humour in that comment from her. Good thing I love her dearly :)

by greytgirl 01 Dec 2011

I so feel your frustration! I fell in the Target parking lot a week ago Monday, and broke my ankle. Have to keep the foot elevated and find it really hard to hop around on one foot while using the walker. So, spend almost all my time staying in bed watching t.v., reading books and playing games on the laptop. Had so many projects ready to do for Christmas.

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softhearted1 by softhearted1 02 Dec 2011

Me too! Thank goodness for laptops! Keeps me in touch with all my online family and friends :) Hope you feel better soon too :)

by capoodle 01 Dec 2011

Sorry to hear you hurt your ankle. My daughter broke her foot in four places on August 10th and after the surgery (one screw and two wires out the bottom of her foot) she stayed downstairs for two weeks and then started going up and down on her bottom. She started walking in shoes a couple weeks ago and that has made it a lot easier on me. Hope yours don't take as long to heal as what we have been going through.

by pennifold 01 Dec 2011

Dear Charlotte,

I do hope it is not your Achilles Tendon that snapped - that takes ages to heal. If it is a broken bone I hope it can be mended. I agree with the others if you can't go up to the sewing machine, then have it brought down to you. Love and blessings Chris

by noah 01 Dec 2011


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softhearted1 by softhearted1 02 Dec 2011

no snow? YET. lol, but we both know it's coming. I LOVE snow for Christmas :)

by rachap 01 Dec 2011

It is frustrating to not be able to get at your machines,etc/ esp at this time of the year when you have projects to fininsh up. Take it easy tho so you will heal faster. ps-do you remember how 2yr olds always seem to get up the stairs on their bottoms!!??

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softhearted1 by softhearted1 02 Dec 2011

LOL, tried that, and got caught, and probably looked as guilty as a 2 yr old as well!!!

by devon 01 Dec 2011

Hope you get to feeling better soon.

by shirlener88 01 Dec 2011

Charlotte, I am so sorry you are in pain and can not work at your craft some. I have been flat on my back in bed for a week - I threw my back out.

pennifold by pennifold 01 Dec 2011

So sorry to read that you have put your back out Shirlene. You must rest it love chris

vickiannette by vickiannette 01 Dec 2011

Oh dear, do hope you get better soon

castelyn by castelyn 02 Dec 2011

Shirlene,Sorry to hear about you Back. Hope you are healing. Take things easy now. Hugs Yvonne

theduchess by theduchess 02 Dec 2011

Shirlene, Hope you feel better soon. take care.Stella

softhearted1 by softhearted1 02 Dec 2011

Hope you feel better soon Shirlene. Will keep you in my prayers as well. I know all about a bad back as well. My back problems have been making it hard to get around on crutches. hugs, Charlotte

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 02 Dec 2011

Oh my dear! I had not read this post earlier - please take care and get better.

by fannyfurkin 01 Dec 2011

sewbadly had the same idea as me. get hubby to bring the machine down and set it up on the dining table. You need something to do while you recover. Did you break it? I broke my foot a couple of years ago. Never broke a single bone until then, man did it hurt.

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vickiannette by vickiannette 01 Dec 2011

This is what I thought too. Well, the bit about bringing the machine downstairs.

by sewbadly 01 Dec 2011

Ouch. Can your machine be brought down to you?
Heal quickly.